Gossip is, at least, a two way street in Mamasota.

In her behalf, I must say that Mamasota likes both of her ears filled with creamy gossip.

AND, I am even happier when one person talks to another person, about another person who has been violated by law enfarcers who breach databases, and destroy the very notion of privacy, every time they get their rosy palms into narratives where they don’t belong.

Like, the narrative of Mamasota newscasters who for whatever reason, are fetish OBJECTS of local and state law enfarcers.

“Primarily, we want this to stop,” [Jon ]Strauss told the newspaper. “We want news reporters to be able to go about their work without law enforcement officers being electronic peeping Toms.”

Yeah–there is something rotten in Mamasota–and I think it needs correction–because the seizure of the asset of privacy is an irreparable harm. And it needs to become more topical.

Hell, if anyone wanted to know about Alix Kendal, I am sure they could have just called her–it’s not like she is inaccessible, like the blacked out, and blacked up fergusoncity.com personnel, firewalled as they are by the NSA and all of it’s dirty tricks of subterfuge and degenerate blackops.

Hell, you farcers could just have called the station if you had a legitimate purpose at all–she, like so many local reporters, is entirely open; a wonderful decent woman-she really IS who you see on t.v.!-, and she shops at my favorite Market, and she did not deserve to be gang stalked by rosy palmed perverts in law enfarcement–heck, she’s a living wonder by any standard(getting up as early as she does to do the news!!!), but last I saw her –sometime in January of 2014, she hadn’t yet become aware of the perverse privacy invading voyeurism of the local law enfarcement community.

But, apparently, these data breaches are becoming MORE and MORE topical! AND, I think, there could well be a civil conspiracy of privacy invasion afoot in Mamasota.

Maybe-just maybe, there IS, or CAN be justice in America!

After all, the conspiracy against privacy is, as we know, a hot topic right now–a neverending bubble, one huge uncharted territory under the Constitution–except for one thing: the Constitution of the US has always been clear  on warrants, privacy expectations, and the liberty interest of free speech, unfettered by blackmail, nefarious methods of subversion via the internet, outright coercion, or state mechanisms of control that subvert and pervert due process.

Yet, -what hasn’t been clear is how law enfarcers and their politically motivated local-node cronies press the boundaries, break and bend the law, and play upon politics to push the button every time, generation after generation! I think I can help with that, unless of course, the catch all of national security interests don’t get shot down rather quickly-subverted by agency interests that seek to prolong the agonous and illegal methodologies that they have deployed against us thus far.

But even then, there are remedies for that, too, in State laws. As a person who represents myself, both legally and otherwise, I inform you once again ( I AM the lawyer you need to contact: you are on notice that I am telling you once again that I represent myself, and cease and desist, or charge something): the resource is called a “courtroom” and–we’ll see you there! Whether some of us know it or not…

Because you don’t own the night–nor can you maraud through the grey areas of twilight, and expect anything but buckshot in your ass (metaphorical, not literal buckshot, of course) 😉


Yes-of course, the whisper campaign works both ways, wouldn’t you agree? And really-homelessness is your biggest threat?? HAHAHHAHAHA.

BTDT, with a proven record of community service to boot. You can’t denigrate a person any further than they have already debased themselves for your purview–and when you try? You encounter allies you have never heard from before. And those? Substantial, I assure you.

Traps, too, are a two way street. Eternity, now that is another thing, inter-generationaly.


Give my love to your grandkids–and remind them about what you tried to do to me. Their future problems under the law depend upon it.

I promise you–this shit isn’t just a narrative in your databases, where you win, by destroying me and mine-or your personal notes, which, I suspect, are quite surprisingly sparse for a cause-as you will say–of such great magnitude–, and, when called upon, will be stunningly insufficient to back your own narration.

And that, raising reasonable suspicion that what you and yours are up to is nefarious indeed. Inadequate comes to mind–and, deliberately void.

Other reporters stalked in Minnesota:



Post script, script: why are all of the reporters who were stalked, harassed, or otherwise violated from KSTP news–FOX 9 ? Partisanship? I think….and then? Whatever happened to civil conspiracy statutes anyways…at the Federal level…

k-maybe back off a bit–before you get bit too? It goes both ways. and–do you remember the good ol’ days over north? I do-with pictures. Ah-those cherry homes over there-they are so valuable;)


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