Trying to make sense of the new American moralityL right and wrong are not mine to judge.

Today’s lesson in morality: it is good to break the law, bend the law, subvert the law, and THEN, interpret the law in your own behalf, and so that you exonerate yourself if you are a patriotical American law enfarcer.

The parable of the DEA (the soilers of good SOD):

1)When subverting the Constitutional right of Americans to privacy, make sure you do so with a large pay-off to insiders in American corporations.

the power of the people can only be subverted properly when al the right people take bribes.

2) make sure that you make work for yourself, every time you lose the war on drugs–and, when you are afraid you are losing the funding battle in Congress, pass love notes (the SOD database information that you gained illicitly) to other aw enfarcement agencies.

3) When you are caught red-handed in your dirty work–like murder, or other near murders-investigate it yourself! That way, the law is doubly enfarced, for the sake of freedom, and the American way, and the good guys win again! By keeping those out of court settlements hushed up.

And, if that doesn’t work, refer to point number 1)–pay off the right people.

And, ironicay, an object lesson in how the aw works around itself when agencies usurp the rights of other agencies: In the payola scheme where the DEA paid of an ‘informant’, they were able to subvert the right of Amtraks own police farce to investigative primacy; not to mention, the DEA neatly carved away APD’s cut of the forfeiture.

Ah–those self funding operations are so legitimate! Not for long;-)


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