The Tale of Two Tiered Justice: MANHUNT FOR MMA MAULER; not even the whisper of the name of A COP WHO BEAT UP A GRANDMOTHER.

Two tiered societies are interesting in that they are the best of both worlds. And, by both worlds, I mean the black and white narrative of all fascist societies–the living, and the dead; the good and the bad, US versus THEM; may the best dog win; there is freedom in strength; and my favorite

Simone Weil

“Whether the mask is labeled fascism, democracy, or dictatorship…. our great adversary remains the apparatus—the bureaucracy, the police, the military….No matter what the circumstances, the worst betrayal will always be to subordinate ourselves to this apparatus and to trample underfoot, in its service, all human values in ourselves and in others.”
Simone Weil

OOOPS! Wrong quote–I meant this one, which just happens to be on the state flag of Mamasota: “War is to the male what childbearing is to the female.”

Now, about that two tiered justice:

On the lowest tier, are lower class deviants who ACTUALLY* beat the shit out of women, and those women who fuck for money, security, a state check, etc. –a marriage made in dog-heaven.Or, The American narrative, 101.

The fucker and the fucker-upper.

Or, The Porn Star and the War Machine.

Tainted love: Christy Mack (left) is in hospital and War Machine, aka Jon Koppenhaver, is at large after he allegedly beat her brutally at their Las Vegas home

The guy on the right beat up the girl on the left, which pisses folks off a bit. Girls want him beaten up, and some girls want to put nice ointment on her owies; while guys strut around the breeding site and in lieu of being able to stick it in this guys ass while he breeds a hot porn star, want to hunt him down and beat him up-because they have never been with, and will never be with a porn star;-(

Put another way, there are other guys and girls who want to fuck her, and fuck up the fucker upper for what he did to her when he found her–in her own apartment–being friendly with another fucker who was a fucker upper:

Christy Mack, the fucker, all fucked up by her fucker fucker upper ex-boyfriend, an MMA fighter named “the War Machine.”

Every time a fucker gets fucked up, other fuckers want to fuck the fucker upper up–they are called the fucker upper fuckers, and other mullet heads.

Here is one such fucker upper fucker, Dawg the Bounty Hunter, a well known drag queen on American t.v., who promises to hunt that fucker upper down, because the fucker upper is a fucker indeed:

On the hunt: Duane Chapman, aka Dog the Bounty Hunter, is after MMA fighter Jon Koppenhaver

Dawg, the bounty hunting drag queen.


Or, the state of America, as it really really is. A bunch of violent, predatory, operant-conditioning trained dogs that are either male or female, fuckable or put-downable, but either way, exploitable by the upper tier, and they are all fuckers.

You get the idea-war-dogs, most of them–over 70% of Americans are thus–they push the button every time.

And, WAR, IS the button for all of them–left, right, center? There is no dissent in America anymore. They are all Alpha dogs, and Alpha bitches, biting at the bone.

Big man: Koppenhaver has spent time in jail for assault, and Mack has previously spoken about his physical violence towards her

the War Machine

The porn star: the War Machines bitch. Ooops-ex-bitch, because women who work for the war industry must keep themselves available at all times to do the fucking, and the fucking up of fucker uppers that this fucking nation depends upon. At least, the lower tier of it, where the war machine gets its baby supply from. The breedbasket depends upon a steady, uninterupted baby supply to keep it going. AND, every time a fucker upper gets busted fucking up a fucker, the whole system gets thrown off–which is where I step in, and try to usher the fucker into the upper tier of our society, while fucking up the fucker upper real good. Does that sound complicated? Maybe I shot up with too many CC’s of steroids this morning, and I am crashing–but I will explain more below.

Then, you have the other side of the two-tiered society–and, at the bottom of that tier, are cops, who enforce and enfarce laws that fit the narratives of the upper tier–cops are the guardians at the gate of the gatekeepers, making sure America is safe from, well, its own citizens.

AND some of those cops hunger for the glory and the fame that the lower tier gets by opening their legs on film, or by beating people up on t.v.

Even more of them, and especially these days, actually get paid to watch fuckers fucking all over the internet, and even, by installing cameras in the homes of America’s most fucked up fuckers, if they can get away with it.

MY favorite exploitation of the narrative is the webcam.So much fucking up of fuckers goes on over webcams these days that I sometimes get fucking horny–and then, I take a testosterone shot, and go out and beat up old ladies, MMA STYLE!

Because I am an alpha dog grandmother fucking up mother fucker, fucker upper!

In my mind, I say to myself, nearly every day that I could kick Jon Koppenhaver’s ass! I am bigger, better, and stronger than the WAR MACHINE.

Shit–hes just a welterweight, and me? A pro!

And then, I laugh, because I get paid by the REAL war machine to ‘do mah job,’ and beat up old ladies who can’t or won’t fight back.

NOw: here is a glimpse into the other tier–the tier that I am on, the lower rung of the law enfarcement ladder, which is the opening of the door to the uppermost part of the two tiered society: wealth and success via narrational violence.

And, where my job is to keep an eye out for any and all who would disrupt the eugenic experiment that IS America’s fuckers-versus fucker-uppers scheme. And believe me-I could do a lot of fucking, if I weren’t so dedicated to my craft–the fucking up of fucker uppers.

Like old mentally ill people who contradict the narrative of the fuckers, or who, for whatever reason, might remember why Rosa Parks was important. Myself, I would kick Rosa Parks ass, whoever she was, if she got in the way of me doin’ mah job. I am THAT important.

I am the gate, at the gate of the gatekeepers, and those above them–just knock! I will answer!  I am also, coincidentally, the guy that gave Jesus a sponge full of vinegar when he was thirsty.

To me, he was just another fruit fly, really, but wow, did I ever get famous over that! An nothing pads the ego quite like getting recognized for doing nice things.


Now, my job is to protect shepherds, NOT sheep (sheep are a whole ‘nother story in America, like its five eyed cousins Australia, Canada, and Britain, etc.)

And, sadly, not everybody is trained into the sooper seekrit narratives of niceness like I am–my training is superior, and because of that, I just don’t have time to explain the body mechanics of heroics, or the basic difference between me, and you, or people who are all just a bunch of fuckers.

And, because cameras are such an intrusion into the performance of every day heroical things, they give a false sense of what happens when heroics are performed–you will understand one day when you are admitted into the upper tier of heroical society, but for now, let me just point out the clear difference between that woman abusing pig, Jon Koppenhaver, and the rest of US:

His violence was selfish, AND he was involved with a weird chick, who, for all we know, wanted to be raped–some of those tattooed people are like that ( I AM NOT KIDDING.)

And MY VIOLENCE is for the greater good of humanity, capital MAN. Me. ANd, no matter what she did? She still has a pluggable hole that a solid tax payer could get planted in, and that is what America is all about.

Well, anyways–my alarm just went off–I have to go and mix up an egg yolk and raw hamburger milkshake, or my biceps might collapse–my lats and dorsius whitney-ous muscles will definitely melt if I don’t ‘do this thing.’

Wait–I will be right back….

Now, because I am a socially responsible gatekeeper, I will tell you: TRIGGER WARNING!!!! Code RED!!!! BAD THOUGHTS BELOW!!!

It is my job to protect you from thinking TOO much about what heroism really is. So procede at your own risk–and be warned that no matter how much I loved that one chapter in cop school about the Constitution? It didn’t explain to us citizens why heroical things need to happen.

So, trust me, I will give you the basic idea.

NOw, this below is a “grandmother”, who is NOT a porn star–who never was, and, she is mentally ill, which, according to eugenics, is transmutable, and hereditary, and like all vile diseases, it can be passed down, or caught, like Ebola.

AND these types cost our society a butt load of money, just looking after them.

AND-you weren’t there, but she was trying to infect me with mental illness, which is why I did what I did–to protect you, and others who are like US, from those, like them.

NOw, again, I ask you to look away, if you are uncomfortable–after all, what I am about to show you will in all probability, offend you.

So, look at your own peril-I warned you–but what comes next is what it takes sometimes for US to protect YOU, at the gate:


And, lastly, remember: if you or those that we beat, imprison, or harass ever think you can get away with beating up the wombs of future warriors?

We have you and other fuckers and fucker uppers on film, in your underwear!!

And that goes for your daughters. too, if they date these bastards! WE have them on Naby Jr.!

Thanks to the FBI, and the NSA which is collecting nude selfies of your three year olds, and other children, and, thanks to our program “MRS.PEEPERS.GOV”!!!!!

And they better go along, too, or your life is worth less than DIRT!!!!!!!

Now, I gotta go now–I have a prayer meeting at precint station, and then I have to get back to my wife, who is at home, teaching orphaned and abandoned pitbulls how to play with kittens. My poor dear wife–she can’t have kids for some reason or other, and she blames me-don’t know why, we’ve been trying for decades–so she takes in all kinds of stay animals

But before I do that, I have to stop by the local homeless shelter, and write up a report.  I heard there are some really dangerous homeless people who might needs a beatin’ or some observation by professionals like me.

Because if I didn’t do it, who would?




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