Shooting people in the back is an honorable Mamasota tradition.

According to law enfarcement, even if, occasionally–very rarely, and very occasionally, one of the cowardly back-shooters expresses remorse.

Remorse, and acknowledgement of guilt are, some say, necessary steps one must take in order to join the family of ‘man’. And, failing that, we emerge on the world stage as a nation of pathological narcissists, and psychopaths–with our own agencies urging us on, and inciting within ourselves riotous and egregious misconduct.


Arrow Police Department gives officer medal for shooting black teen in the back of the head

Police Sgt. Dan May has always maintained that he shot 17-year-old Tycel Nelson in self-defense in 1990. But May is white, Nelson was black, and the teen’s death outraged many in the black community.

Chief Bill McManus said the medal was awarded by a committee that doesn’t need his approval.

May was the first officer on the scene. He pulled out a shotgun and chased a man whom he believed was an armed suspect, who he later identified as Nelson. May has said he lost sight of the suspect momentarily, then spotted Nelson raising a gun at him. He said he fired only after Nelson ignored his order to drop the weapon.

No one else saw the shooting. Skinner later sued, alleging that May shot an unarmed youth who was harmlessly running away from him. The three undisputed facts: Nelson was shot in the back; the .22-caliber revolver found at the scene bore no traceable fingerprints linking it to him; and May initially described the suspect he was chasing as wearing a brown leather coat, although Nelson was wearing a black-and-white-striped shirt.

A grand jury cleared May of any wrongdoing, but the city paid $250,000 to Nelson’s family to drop the lawsuit.

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