Every day Miracles!

I couldn’t sit down and write a script that is more predictable, more pathetic, or more unwholesomely Un-American than the one that the police state and its enablers work on every day.

Really-it’s not possible. While many talk about the vast amount of paramilitary resources that are directed at ordinary citizens who are outraged every time police murder or otherwise  maim, maul,maraud or masquerade as do-gooders, few take tha time to realize that it is all scripted–that protest at the very most basic street level is security theater–and that the cops and their kind are working off of billions of dollars worth of military grade, military surplus PsyOPs, and disinformation campaigns that kill democracy at its root–that drop the depleted uranium of falshehood into our lives at every and any opportunity.

Here is a case in point: does anyone remember Martin Luther King Jr.? Yeah–he followed a great American tradition of pastors and preachers who took various stands/ stances against political policies throughout the history of America (most of them, if not ALL of them, white people that ended slavery)–he knew, as many others did, that ‘rights’ were the result of ‘fights’.

Fast forward to THIS era, when even African Americans have little to no clue why those sorts of things are important -and enter the new political heroine-the chubby white woman who carries Jesus on her back! Sure–you can’t see Jesus in the picture, but he is there! Take my word for it! He is THERE.

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A Christian lady is facing the frontline of the protest, calmly repeating “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus”


And, look at the suffering of a white woman-what has anyone else got against that?

She got shot with a rubber bullet–by cops who practice more than just shooting range accuracy–modern American cops are propagandist, and predatorily engaged in subverting ‘rights’ more than any other regime in the history of the world.

Cops these days are trained, and coherent in the methods of propaganda-not least of which is the creation of ‘martyrs,’ and, for today’s cop, the white Christian female is the ‘martyr’ of choice–she is their preferred candidate for PsyOptic enfranchisement-if they can

1) wound her,

and then

2) ‘save her’ or ‘elevate’ her ‘voice’, then

3) they win again…especially when the topic is how “cops murder men, and black men, almost unnaccountably, every day in America, by their direct action or–and particularly by their indirect actions; cops don’t care about America at all-they kill for whoever is in power–whoever feeds them the most, and the best (cops lead the nation in Obesity)

And, because Christians, cops, and white women are so remarkably sane–EVERYBODY looks the other way when the mentally ill–and ESPECIALLY those rotten schizophrenics and bipolars are MURDERED.


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