What IS a targeted individual, anyways? Pregnant woman, and children are fair game, according to law enforcement sources, with a MAmasota conection

Well, chances are, whatever a targeted individual is, they are getting shot at all across America, on paper at least, before the real homicides go down, because law enfarcers now practice their murder skills on paper targets of brown haired women, and young white males.

Apparently, that is how Minnesota rolls….

PregnantWoman target

A Mamasota company, a Target Corporation, is selling images of brown haired pregnant women so that cops can practice their shooting-at human-beings skills. Apparently, brown haired pregnant women are all ‘crypto assassins,” that need targeting, and big holes all over their bodies, not just in the baby maker….

AND, little ten year old white boys, apparently, need some extra wind tunnels through their thick, white, gun toting  skulls:

LittleBoy target

Cops across America are gunning at targets of young white boys and older dark haired women, thanks to a social experiment in “the eugenics of law enfarcement,” wherein young white males are targeted before they can ‘breed with,’ ‘inseminate’ or otherwise ‘cohabitate’, coagulate, or conglutinate or find comfort and affection for or with non-blonde women. Otherwise, traditional targets, like black men, are still being gunned down in reality, when they surrender to police all across America, and white, mentally ill men are especially cop-cannon worthy.

Target–made in Minnesota

“What if I told you police in your town could desensitize themselves to the idea of shooting a (armed) child, pregnant woman, or young mother, for just a couple of bucks? The “No More Hesitation” series from Law Enforcement Targets Inc. offers exactly that. For less than 99 cents per target, police can shoot at real-life images “designed to give officers the experience of dealing with deadly force shooting scenarios with subjects that are not the norm during training.”

“The series contains seven targets in all, titled Pregnant Woman, Older Man 1, Older Man 2, Older Woman, Young Mother, Young Girl, and Little Brother. Each of the depicted subjects is armed.

I’ve reached out to Minnesota-based Law Enforcement Targets, Inc., for comment on what inspired the series and whether it’s popular with law enforcement groups (see comment added above). Considering that the company has landed $5.5 million worth of contracts with the federal government, it might also be interesting to know if these targets are being used by federal law enforcement agents.”

Mamasota has a long, and resolute history of two things: social and socialist experiments in eugenics*–eugenics, meaning the selective destruction of the breeding capability of people, and also, Mamasota has a fondness for police brutality, in various forms.

Both law enfarcement methods are well known across the country and internationally as preferred methods of social control in the Mamasosta experiment.

Police brutality in Mamasota is the way things get done. Extra-judicial law enfarcement IS the way things happen here.(see here, here, and here).

Then, see here: the 1934 Teamsters strike, where 2 people were killed by police, and 67 wounded–some of them women and underaged males.

And for Mamasota, eugenics is virtually the birth place of the movement. The University of Mamasota even had buildings dedicated to Charles Fremont Dight, who preceded Hitler in his eugenic aspirations!

Mr. Dight was a good, Mamasota socialist.

Go Twins!

And now this-targets that are anything BUT normal–targets that are anything but NICE–and two types of people that a Mamasota company saw fit to print, so that cops could get used to shooting at them.

Pregnant women, and kids….

Or: law enfarcers get the o.k. from high above  that the new boss won’t be quite the same as the old boss–after all, every good DFL’er knows that Hillary panders to the new voters–and young, white males, and older anchor baby females aren’t voters!

So let the fireworks begin


Eugenics: Eugenics was a movement to improve the human species by controlling hereditary factors in mating.







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