I did it-I followed the command!

And here is the proof of that. Oh–you don’t need ythat right now, just reference this session with today’s XKEYSCORE.

After all, you have the resources, right?

Yeah, sure you do, as you have noted, your resources are endless–but I hope I can dent that a bit, with that last search.

Isn’t it fun when one’s persona narrative is disrupted at every command? And that, withot evidence that one was comanded to comand something.

What a commanding position you are in–the ability to command and execute, via .exe files; and those files, unwarranted.

Commander Don told me all about it–I even wrote a play about Cmdr. Don in 2005 or so–do you have that play? I haven’t seen it for awhile, but it was a great play, all about a falsely accused man who dies via fire, just before his innocence can definitively be proven.

That play was named “Angel Music,” and I had written it as a coded memento of the kinds of narrative violence that you were directing at me then.

I mean, I wish I could plant shit in your briefcase just once, ike you did mine, for decades–I would teach you how to write real gud.

Or–maybe, it’s not too late to do so?

But that isn’t MY calling. I think it is the calling of overseas players–players across the sea over the sea, who can read YOUR mind, better than I ever wanted to.

Because in YOUR mind? You are some kind of hero–but in their minds? A definite criminal. So be the best criminal you can be, they say-and we will sort it out later, using YOUR own technology.

LIke a man, trapped in a sculpture, life imitates art, until the man trapped in the sculpture flexes just a bit, and breaks off the clay.



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