The cost of a body worn camera: $399, or less. The cost of an MRAP? Your ‘choice’ to exploit or be exploited.

While I endure veiled threats against my life and safety on a daily basis, posers to the throne of “law abiding freedom fighter,” claim they and their agencies ‘don’t have the money for body worn cameras.’


They point para-militaries at our homes and children; they use $500,00 dollar armed vehicle to impress or intimidate us into silence; and all of this after they usurp the most basic of human rights, and Constitutional rights (like the seemingly harmless DOS attack, redirection to loaded servers; or the ‘innocent’ exploits of loaded .jpegs,  and tasty ‘cookies’ in our browsers–cameras pointed into and within our own HOMES, and against the rights of due process, and due diligence alike.

And, when that isn’t enough, they apparently feel the need to drive MRAP’s onto your lawn. Apparently, the show of force is enough to keep the neighbors in line, and ‘arouse’ the interest of the news–to ‘titillate the public’ in ways that obscenity has not yet been defined-war porn, directed at select targets (journalists heads cut off by Cheney funded terrorists? bin Ladens porn stash?).

And cop porn-big loaded, faux dicks, pointed at your fear response. This, the reassurance to those who are ‘safely’ in bed in the ‘breed basket’ can fuck each other tonight, knowing that the good fuckers triumph over the bad fuckers.

Here is a peek at a hot babe–a slightly used, but still tasty piece of second hand fucker fucking up machinery:

MRAP’s and YOU, in bed together, in an exploit !

US law enforcement usage

FBI Mine Resistant Ambush vehicle

Since the summer of 2013, Police departments in the U.S. can acquire MRAP vehicle through the 1033 program, which allows the Defense Department to redistribute equipment it no longer needs to state and municipal agencies. Rather than buying a new vehicle, which would cost $535,000-$600,000, some police departments have picked up surplus MRAPs with no transfer costs or fees. Domestic agencies plan to use them in disaster relief roles, as they can go through flooded areas unlike normal police armored vehicles, and to respond to terrorist threats, such as playing a role in guarding sports stadiums. MRAPs used by police forces often have the machine gun turret removed and are repainted from their original flat desert tan to black. Organizations have become critical about police use of military vehicles and worried about police militarization. Proponents of the domestic acquisitions argue they fill the same role as the standard police Lenco BearCat armored vehicles.[105] Proponents, such as Sgt. Dan Downing of the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department, said the unique mine resistant capability is important because of “[veterans] who are coming out of the military that have the ability and knowledge to build I.E.D.’s and to defeat law enforcement techniques.”[106]

They don’t have enough money in the budget for body worn cameras….Which, to me, is an interesting claim, that I will eviscerate at a later date, in the proper forum, considering how much of my life has been dominated by the use/misuse of cameras by police and state agencies over the last decades. Some of it on CD’s at my lawyers ofice, some of it stashed in property tat YOU have possessed without warrant for a half decade, and some of it right here on this blog ( did you break the encryption yet?).

I could ssafely say–by way of premonition–that what has been done to me over these decades IS a war of imagery: me, photographing them, as they photograph me. Mine, defensive and often corrupted by them; theirs, scripted, planned, and pre-emptive.

Me, photographing them, as they beat me in alley ways; Taser me downtown; scope out my homes,  disable my cameras; me, photographing them and their apparatus, as they work their extra-judicial magic in my homes, in my cars, and in my life, generally, as a pre-judicial and pre-emptive assault on my advocacy that Americans ARM THEMSELVES with cameras.

It is the oddest state of being, to be monitored thus, in “freedom,” for the ideas that are, or might be, or could be in my head–ideas, like the necessity to arm oneself against illegal, incessant police intrusions into ones own life–ideas like the need of citizens to arm themselves with cameras.

Ideas like documenting their methods of subverting probable cause basis, subverting free speech endeavours, and usurping the Constitutional right to the pursuit of happiness-and a few things about the commerce clause, and the 14th amendment thrown in for fun.

Why? Because documenting a war is a difficult task, and documenting a war, waged by the military in sync with internationa agents of espionage, and local law enfarcers ON AN INDIVIDUAL that spans decades, is nearly UNPRECEDENTED in ALL of United States Constitutional law.

Wait and see how this one turns out–after awhile-here in freedom-one becomes so UNFREE, and so NOT free, that one realizes there is a war being waged on them, and the ideas that are in their head–ideas expressed with words(2003-2014)–an actual covert war being waged on their own life (2008-9). And for me? That was not pleasant, these years, and still documenting.

How do you fight that? How do you document that? After all, as one little Irish coward–one of my regular internet ‘threateners’ has made note, when they come for ‘you’, they disable your cameras.

Now, that IS an interesting threat–because if one depended merely upon cameras themselves as eyewitnesses, one would most certainly lose against all state manipulations of the lens.

Kate Millet, in all of her faults and biases, even knew how the gaze of state agents and agencies can and does corrupt a narrative.

And, for me, Ms. Millet is a sort of goddess, flaws and all, because for any individual to ENGAGE the gaze of the state is truly the most revolutionary act of all–to engage the narrative of the ‘oppressor’ takes more courage than toting a gun, any day.

AND to attempt to document ones reality UNDER that gaze? I presume that will be priceless, one day–the narrative of how state agents and agencies used my own life to corrupt, destroy, manipulate, and otherwise alter historical perception of my personal narrative by destroying my personal ability to use cameras against their intrusions into my life–and that is what today’s dissent will be about, and that dissent, guiding tomorrows judiciary.

Because dependence on cameras is only second to enlisting witnesses into the narrative.

I do not live in the moment-I live in eternity–I AM your own personal Jeesus, but this time, armed with cameras, that they assault, in order to corrupt, contain, derail, or otherwise hinder insight into THEIR narrative voice.

But the witnesses I have enlisted over these decades? Priceless–you can’t buy, corrupt or contain the narative of witnesses that you do not know. Ana, you will know them, in time.

Tes, after awhile you just give in a bit–but never give up;-) Because, others will come after me, to challenge your perversities–YOUR perversities; and one day? what you spread about the world will reveal you to be baseless, and base, at the same time.

AND, little Irish cunt, expect a subpoena or two your way as well–and into YOUR OWN HOUSE, soon. And your own little window garden.

AND expect the IRA–really–expect them.

But you don’t get to threaten me, and then claim you are offended when I tell you, in the plainest language possible, to BRING IT ON.

I have lived for that moment for decades, and counting.

But the narrative? It could well cause others to live, again, relieved of your illegal methods, and quasi-judicial invasions. And half of that or more? Within your won records, unnoticed, and unexpected.

So, check your homework again, and try for that A-plus–but when you study the wrong books? You probably fail the test as well.

And I promise you: international treaties WILL be on the test!



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