Nobody surpasses the love that law enfarcers feel, for the women in their lives. Or, the men, depending on their persuasions.

It’s hard for me to talk about my love life–what there is of it. You see, unlike many in America, or across the world, I have not been allowed to love freely.

And what could embody freedom, more than to to love another? I can’t possibly tell you–I haven’t been free to do that for decades.I am forced by extra-judicial deviance of law and statute to replace my normal ‘drive’ for love, with substitutions, based on constant monitoring, and constant surveillance of my ‘personal’ narrative.

My ability to connect with, and the other abilities of ‘to create connection with,’ love interests was intruded upon so many times that I cannot describe them. But, for those of you who have followed along–and those of you whom I have loved, despite my limitations to help you actualize yourselves through love, and me, I apologize for my inability to protect you.

But, I love you, in ways that you cannot, do not, or possibly may never understand.

I know that sounds very “patriarchal,” and even, possibly “patriotical,” or even “paranoid, in the conspiracy way,” but ladies, you are marked, even more than me-to them, you are just a vagina, from birth. And, they want to put stuff in you, and none of it is prety–I guarantee you.

Sure–you played soccer; you chased frogs and turtles; you got good grades, and accepted diverse explanations for human exoistence-but whe shit comes to shine my knob–you were always –ALWAYS confronted with a man who was a bully, leveraging power for social status-OR a woman, who acted as a “phallus” to vet you, intimidate you, or otherwise inhibit your “free passage,” through your choices in love.

You might even have been assaulted by pigs as I have been, though I doubt that somehow–but end of the day? These pigs have you tagged, and bagged before you even got out of the gate.

It’s NOT your fault–you are someone I could talk to or understand, if you are honest, and willing–but, sadly, the narrative of pig-skinners and cattle herders intervenes on so many levels that we can barely talk to each other–you, likely more than me, are ‘tagged, and followed,’ like an animal–and oddly, for you, it is just the way things are-it’s comforting, and acceptable to be tagged.

Rfid animal ear tag

There’s more than one way to interpret the “paranoid discussions” of the marginalized people. And some of those  innovative ways are by “listening to the anecdotal experiences” of non-academic sources.  When I hear about RFID chips, I don’t think about ear tags–I think about propaganda, and how those who listen to propaganda are ‘tagged’ by that information.

But, to me, it means certain death-and even more certain ‘life’, marked each day and counted as a specimen-counted as something they will eat, sacrifice, or otherwise murder when they are desperate for food, and praying to their cloud gods.

But I posit, that the ‘love-narratives’ of those who seek my destruction, belie the worst and most cunning subverters of love in all of humanity–because, and in direct narrational opposition to my own–because they seek more than most, and ‘exception’ to all, to hide their activities, and intentions in love–and by the time we the people are able to see what perverse and “state sanctioned, law enfarcer approved”oddities occur, due, directly to the extra layers of trust and privacy that are afforded to law enfarcers–by then it is usually too late.

When it comes to the psychology of policing, rational citizens MUST realize tat EVERY crime, and EVERY perverse crime of SEX, is mere projection BY law enfarcers–mere projection FROM perverse law enfarcers, enacted upon the populace by proxy–in other waords, the crimes they seek to poice, are in fact the crimes they are culpable for–we are just ‘projections’ in their inner theaters of guilt–and they do whatever it takes to create that perception.

In this case, this guy killed his 12 year old bride, after he learned he had a termin disease-or “no one else wil have her! No other man will parent my children (made with ‘his’ 12 year old bride!).

Here is a case of yet another law enfarcer who has been afforded EXTRA-judicial privacy, and protection, extra heaping helpings of societal ‘trust’–and he? Little more than a pedophile, who was protected o be so by the exact community that he was part of, and alowed to commit a heinous crime: the cop who couldn’t go to its grave, and leave a woman behind who might make OTHER choices in breeding–other choices beyond the pact he made with her when she was 12 YEARS OLD.

“Andrew and Ashlee Steele met when they were 12 in Saginaw, Mich., and later attended the University of Wisconsin in Madison together.”

I sense a law enfarcement scam coming on-he killed her because of his ALS–more cop crap, more cop lies. Iam sure the tria will have al of his cop cronies defending him, tqalking about what a good cop he was (most ‘god cops have weird family baggage like marrying twelve year olds and so forth), what a responsible father he was, what a HERO–despite murdering his wife, and another woman.

ANd then, yeah-cops BURN with desire–take a look at this cop, who was hand picked by another cop to be a law enfarcer-this guy was a “man on fire,” so much so that he had a “romantic encounter,” and then, lit the woman on fire and walked away as she burned to death–funny, this idea of cops, being able to ‘love’.

In fact, he was yet anothr cop with a squeaky clean record-have you ever noticed how te most squeaky clean people always commit, or are responsible for the WORST crimes–once they finaly get caught, which is RARE. Too rare for justice to ever be served.

Clean, like a knife wiped on the shirt of a victim, and then scrubbed with bleack, clean–these clean cops are the worst, if not ony because their peers uphold the sociopathic skills of these types to cover up their crimes.

Then, there are these inbreds–look at this guy–he looks like he is only half a generation away from being a mongoloid-and his crimes? Pulling black women over, and raping them. Repeatedly.

Cop Love is so hard to quantify-so hard to understand-but you can bet, either way, they are better at loving people than YOU are–because they are state sanctioned, and licensed to be lovers! Lovers of  humanity! Lovers of Justice! And lovers of PEACE, um, right? Whatever.

Cops are a sub-species of humans–criminals who are just smart enough to take the cops test, but every one of them one dodge away from being found out for who they really are–for what crimes they perpetrate, in hte name of “justice,” which, as we all know or have learned, in cop-speak, aka pig Latin–“Just US.”

Yeah–but apparently, it’s me that needs watching–Sure–my stolen papers through 1999; the people with badges coming to the door of my love in 2000-1 and ‘hunting me down’ was a clue; sure, the odd shenanigans that surrounded my reading material, and my bag o’ writing that was routinely a traffic hub for Psy Ops, local law enfarcers,  and others from 1999-2003 was somewhat intrusive(aherm….)

And, the steady, and ultimately ongoing and daily, weekly, yearly assaults that didn’t end until last year ( except for the internet slowdowns, etc)–apparently, whatever ‘I” am up to is no good–and the resources and the political will to stop these cops who are rapists, homicidal maniacs, perverts, and so forth is not worth a tax dollar.

But the Great and Grand test of love, surely, must be how those informed by others who seek to isolate you away from love must certainly and could only be cops, standing in front of your love, and telling that love to “just forget this guy.” And “this guy is no good–trust us.

And my favorite ” If you stay with this guy, you WILL BE SORRY.*”

Because even Company folk don’t do that–even the corporation dicks withhold a bit of self incrimantory vitriol. But local law enfarcers? Not so  clever, or aware of how time, and the tale of narational documentary evidence accumuates OVER time. And that, really, is th4e narrative, when in combat with Fabians, and other half truth tellers. The foot soldiers, embodied as day to day heros, reveal the nbarratives of their superiors when they attack the romantic possibilities of your lovers, and future wives….

Gee–how they can create a self fulfilling prophecy! What magic. What skill–and I sit here years later writing about it, without fear. Only foot soldiers  know not what ‘canons’ and canards  they face as they run off into that dark night-I was, a bit, informed in advance. And she was too.

Why, I mean, the standard of  “rational people,” and “the average citizen,” fears the gossip, the character assassination, and the routine PsyOPs that are directed at “others.”

Well, if you haven’t guessed by now? I AM the “others.” In every way. And I have been conditioned for decades to expect the worst from you and yours–the records won’t lie about that;-)

And, I am fearless, and informed–I will and would die, unarmed, if only for that moment you are revealed-I AM that altruistic sucker, rotten to the core with moral imperatives.

And, I knew which direction YOU were going in 2001, when it was revealed to me that I was correct, all along; and you? Transparent, and wavering in your attacks.

* My, oh My did they try to make that come true–the battles were epic, and at the end of them? Yeah–you guessed right: she, who loves me, is now a suspect–an enemy of the law enfarcers who sought to ‘save her’ from seeing how they do business around here. Very convincing show indeed!

Yeah-we will see about that. I will go to my grave, with that memory.

It will be instrumental to the reader to know that this actually happened, and that it is and was documented by others. It is also important to understand what IS and ISN’T a ‘terroristic threat,” what is and isn’t coercive, what is and isn’t a conspiracy, and what is and isn’t permitted under the law in regards to state sponsored terror.

Ahh. LOve, the best witness of all. All, or nothing-now she is a rare girl indeed.

And, how the law can be applied equally in such situations of ‘veiled threats.’ I made a point to document it in various ways at the time, and now, I recall the exact chain of evidence  on the documentation of those threats.

What is MOST important is this: when I realized that you had corrupted the chain of evidence–deleting my e-mail accounts, attempting to tamper with, threaten, manipulate or otherwise corrupt witnesses–I also realized that the WITNESSES themselves, beholden to the belief systems they hold, are EXACTLY the evidence that the ‘average person,’ might understand.

Which is why I needed to create other evidence-that letter, calling you out as cowards, for instance. Yes–keyboard commandos are annoyingly all talk–but I will dissolve you face to face, and then some, in the proper legal forum, which is why I write–everything–to YOU, directly.

Food for thought, library lady (size six) and fat boy (size 13 plus). After all, there are other arvers in the world, and not all of them are flying the high and mighty skies of American jingoism. You and yours threats, then, will be germane, especially when cast against the sky’s that other birds fly in, in great numbers.


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