Yeah-this: a young father is Tased and assaulted because he knew his rights. Cops HATE your rights more than any other thing.

Mamasota does EVERYTHING in its power to limit the ability of fathers to be fathers. AND, here we see a young father Tasered because he was waiting for his child at the child’s daycare!

And, worse than that, when he was caled in by some as yet named coward as a suspicious person–he was assaulted, and violated–for MENTIONING HIS RIGHTS.

Video of St. Paul police tas[er]ing unarmed father raising concerns over racial profiling

A video of Chris Lollie’s arrest from Jan. 31 raised concerns about racial profiling after it was uploaded to YouTube Tuesday. The St. Paul Police Department has since defended the officers’ actions.

Cutting through all of the straw men (race, and authority, and the institutional violence of using white women to ‘calm’ black men), we can look at this case as one of many I have documented over the years: it boils down to being from a marginalized CLASS–men in the pedestrian sphere–and particularlyyoung fathers–whose rights are routinely under assault in Mamasota (a state that unofficially upholds the ‘tender years’ doctrine of archaic provenance, which states that only mothers can care for children); it also boils down to the police state’s ongoing assaults of activists, and the notions of personal privacy weighed against state interests (safety–its always about safety in the breedbasket, when it comes to the protecting Children!)

In Mamasota’s view, activists do not have a right to either privacy, or the right to know their rights-and, if they do uphold or respect–and ask the state to respect them as well–they will be trounced upon.

I recently read a statistic that purported that ‘males commit 9 crimes for every crime that females commit.’ And, because that is another book I will write one day, suffice it to say that crime is defined by the presence-the mere presence of-a male body. Crime and criminal statutes are all written around, and circumscribing, ‘male’ bodies, not female ones.

And, the historic crimes that are ascribed to females are usually short sighted in regards to the criminal capacity of women in general-and a HUGE part of that criminal capacity of women, is to be complicit WITH policing of male bodies.

Again–that is a book for a later date–but just watch how the white female cop tries to ‘work’ this innocent young man in the video–a man who they are about to cause circumstances for him to be perceived as guilty!

Update: all of the false charges that these cops tried to put on him that day were dropped. So, this man is ‘innocent–but NOT relieved of the arrest record, or whatever else they entered into ‘his’ profile in a data base. Which is why, of course, they sought to criminalize him in the first place–because he knew his right to privacy, and refused to identify himself to those who sought to criminalize him!

Odd, American paradox, that one….

IN other words, being black isn’t the only factor–but the profiles that police employ daily to abrogate privacy rights is astoundingly more complex.

Lesser documented profiles actually operate at a minimum, as a masked presence in the discussion–like the eugenic purposes of the police state, directed, theoretically ‘on behalf of’ women, against men who would or could or did and do father children outside of their ‘permission and authority.’

And, despite that part of the profiling of men being discussed, race takes its place, and police brutality becomes a strictly black and white narrative–by eugenic design.



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