Yes–I am definitely rethinking my stance on eugenics. Be a Hero! Take the Ice Bucket Challenge!

I HATE people who play the system–don’t YOU?

And for now, I think eugenics is a morally solid and socially responsible stance–as long as those who are the enforcers–and the enfarcers of-eugenics policies:

1) carry out eugenics on those to whom they are related, or with whom they could or did or might breed.

2) carry out eugenics upon themselves afterwards.

Former deputy charged with

killing wife, her Lake Elmo


By Todd Richmond
Associated Press
Updated:   08/30/2014 11:33:39 AM CDT


MADISON, Wis. — Prosecutors on Friday charged a former Wisconsin sheriff’s deputy suffering from Lou Gehrig’s disease with shooting his wife and sister-in-law to death this month.

Former Dane County Sheriff’s Deputy Andrew Steele, 39, faces two counts of first-degree intentional homicide in the death of his wife, Ashlee Steele, and his sister-in-law, Kacee Tollefsbol of Lake Elmo, Minn. He would get two mandatory life sentences if he’s convicted.

Prosecutors have not offered a motive for the slayings. Steele’s lawyer, Jessa Nicholson, said during a court hearing Friday that she plans to investigate Steele’s mental stability.

[pp.4]She appeared with Steele via video from the Rock County jail, where Steele is being held because of his close relationship with Dane County jailers.

Andy Steele (Courtesy of the Dane County sheriff’s office)

Andy Steele (Courtesy of the Dane County sheriff’s office)

He sat silently in an orange jail jumpsuit and looked directly at the camera as Nicholson spoke.

“He wants to work within (the criminal justice) system to see this to its conclusion,” she said.

Steele was diagnosed this summer with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, which is an incurable neurodegenerative disease.


Yeah–am I the only one with a pigshit detector going haywire? I mean, since I first read this story, I have been hearing voices that say “pigshit detector, pigshit detector, Code RED!”

And other voices that keep repeating themselves in my head–saying “nobody–NOBODY gets away with murder quite as efficiently as cops!” and “Why do cops PLAY THE SYSTEM SO SUCCESSFULLY?”

The answer is above, in paragraph 4[pp.4].

Because cops, being criminals endowed with extra-criminal capabilities, always cover for other criminals, who are cops, judges, and ‘system’ people to ensure they get extra special and extra-judicial favoritism.

IN this case, anyone who knows the locality of Madison Wisconsin (Dane county) or Rock county, knows that cops there are every bit as incestuous and nepotistic as anywhere in the deep south.

In fact, I know some of the law enfarcers in that area, personally. I know their families, and I know some of their family histories, and so forth.

AND, I know that Rock County–where Steele is being held–was made famous by two things in my memory:

1) it was  hotbed of Ku Klux Klan activity in the last century, and even today, secret societies have great power there–secret societies like the fraternal order of police.

2) FOX news commentator (you can’t really call the work that Rivera does ‘reporting’) Geraldo Rivera famously got a black eye in Janesville, WI, which is in Rock County, where Steele is held.

I think most people today would–if they could do it all over again, punch Rivera in the nose, if for no other reason than that he was part of the downward spiral that American journalism has been on since Woodward and Bernstein.

Not that Woodward and Bernstein are a bad thing–but they were as good as it can possibly get for good journalism. Almost as if since then, journallism is a four letter word, everything since then in media is merely corporate sponsored advertainment, centered around war-industry narratives?

Corporatized, militarized, and cauterized, and monetized media.

Here’s a blast from the past, when American journalism began its severe downward spiral away from news gathering and fact basd reporting to sensationalist, ‘insiders-only,’ ‘official source’ propaganda,  in Rock County, WI.:

Janesville pans “Geraldo’ KKK


JANESVILLE (AP) – Geraldo Rivera’s television show about his clash with a Ku Klux Klan sympathizer was described by Janesville observers as “junk TV,” “for Geraldo’s personal gain” and “one-sided.”

A panel of seven community leaders previewed a videotape version of the segment that Rivera and his camera crew filmed Aug. 16 when he wrestled to the pavement with another man during a KKK rally.







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