Predictive policing* and total privacy rape: the pros and cons of institutionalized rape systems-v-individuals who stand against rape.

How does one take a stand against the war industry, and its many, many subscribers? How does one infiltrate and then, expose criminal networks of law enfarcers who depend upon power, and social control schemas to exonerate their existence?

I can’t say that I know for certain–but I have tried to do so on many fronts, most often failing, because I operated alone, and became vulnerable to atacks that the average citizen–and the average freedom fighter might not recognize*, or know how to counter-act.

And, it is important for me to declare, right here and now, that ‘counter attacks’ are not my forte’–I am merely a research and document person; a resistor, and a freedom protector who depends upon the imagination of those who can read between the lines–and there are a LOT of lines these days–like lasers, pointed at our foreheads, or pointed into our I-phones, and homes, like warrantless, suspicion less wiretaps–or wiretaps that target foreign nationals who you know, through whom they can access you, and set you up through their myriad programs of as yet named law enfarcement;

–the lines are not so clear when one is being devoured by assymetrical warfare wherein your own nation allows other nations not your own, to abrogate and subserviate the US constitution to the war-capitalists; where your own government turns a blind eye to internationall treaties that, in theory, protect its own citizens, but that, in reality, pre-select, and then monitor, surveill, and otherwise redirect and attempt to incriminate activists, and others who are engaged in self protection AGAINST these monstrous entities

; the lines are not so clear when one is engaged, despite themselves, in gathering intelligence about the methods of police states who direct resources and energy at dissenters rather than actual threats like bombers and politicians who profit from bombings (Dick Cheney, my cousins former–and current?–client); and the lines are even less clear when your VOICE-your theoretical, hypothetical, and often evolving positions on issues are exploring political options, and dodging familial missiles and intelligence honey pots on a daily basis–how DOES one counter the entire military intelligence apparatus, aimed at oneself–PERSONALLY?

I don’t have an answer to that. I wish I did–but if I did, my answer would be two fold–1) what is wrong with you people? and 2) if you respected the law, and our Constitution as much as I do, we wouldn’t even be talking–I would be fading off into my later ages, and dying, knowing that I upheld her, and you didn’t–and none of you provided me, or her, with the right kind of food to cultivate a better America–because Dick, et ass, were too intent on despoiling her; and quite in bed with those on the loca level who gladly assisted, while scapegoating myself.

Shame, for shame, for shame.

Well, for those of us who ARE activists–Not least of our political options (and that which has been leveraged against me in the cruelest–and history will tell, pre-emptively hyper-focused manners EVER in the history of political dissent-), I advance an idea, and that idea is this-can we just get it all over then? I cannot enjoin you in your subversions of justice, and your pay-offs to federal judges; I cannot respect or uphold your entrapment schemas; your forfeiture scams; nor can I support your constant lies to the press–I am after all, a believer in the ability of one journalist to make a difference–and the NIxon years were my come-uppance; where is the midpoint?

Because, after this last several decades of you putting secret societies, and cults, and cops up my anal canal–I am not only outraged, but also, bored, and a bit furious.

BUt that fury, I remind you, is still usefull-but I demand ethical context, and I demand that you cease to redirect me, re-route me, and otherwise set me up to fail in my love of her-my beloved; my candle in the wind; my Constitution-no other love is like she; and damn you for what you have forced me to; and damn you for not having the courage to love her the best and most copmplete.

As those like you cower at her power, those like me have understod her in ways that defy description–and prayerlessly; thoughtfully I await, I respect her enough to describe our interactions herself.

For I suspect that I, not you, have understood love–and that she might well know that.

But this od idea that you put into my head some days ago–that ” you might not want war, but WAR wants YOU?”-perverse in every way–and beyond.

I think only she can point me to my purpose in that sort of murder–and even then? I haven’t yet met the woman who can truly utilize my full functions, unselfishly, and true to the law.

Good Luck with that–And I await your response.

* Predictive Policing: when I first heard the term, I called Washington, and asked if this meant wire-tapping en masse. The answer was two fold: 1) I don’t have that information-as far as I know you are wrong in your assumption, and 2) I have heard that systems exist in other countries that do such things–but that cannot happen here.

But, based on [paperwork that exists from 1994-1999 in a specific archive] “I have heard reports of a coming intrusion such as you describe. THat is classified information, that I cannot disclose, nor can I discuss, based on attorney client priviledge.”

Case closed, right? But be careful what questions you ask–you might become a target of the ANSWERS, whether you want them PERSONALLY, or not–whether you ask such questions in the name of the PEOPLE, or not.

And, depending on the algorithm they apply down in NSA COUNTRY(and the political party in power at the time) you might get more answers delivered at YOUR door in YOUR name, than you ever wanted.

By the truckloads, and by the cyberbytes. Or, cyberbytes by the truckload ( I don’t even yet know how to discuss, much less quantify the products, and the produce of such inventories.–no matter how much you have heaped on me over this last decade? I need funds, and an army of ops to help translate it.

ALMOST sorry I asked the question; but not so sorry as that I would go back and avoid asking it)


Oddly, here is the story I was writing before that voice came into myhead:

Seattle cops fund raise to fight police brutality reforms

Oklahoma cop rapist

Minnesota college wrestler rapist

Florida female cop rapist/torturer/young girl raper

Other, non western nations report women’s sexual excesses differently

FBI on high alert for nude pictures of women-extra resources dedicated to ‘fake’ nudes of ‘real’ (white, young, attractive, female stars)


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