About empathy, sympathy, and the fraudulence of the DMS4 Diagnostic Manual, and psychiatry as a whole.

Psychiatry and Psychiatrists are well documented as the new ‘drug dealers’ in America, with intentions of expanding the markets overseas and internationally.

On the surface, my comment above (which is really a compendium of other opinions and dilligent research by others) fits into the category of ‘conspiracy’ thinking, and so forth.

But what is most important in examining the evidence of such claims–my own, or the counterclaim of ‘conspiracy,’ is to examine the words themselves.

My claim–that Psychiatry, and the ‘bible’ of psychiatric diagnoses as we know it today is little more than an out growth of eugenics, and the desire of international capitalists to control populations of people–NOT to help them, or otherwise ‘evaluate and treat them’ in any fashion that resembles empathy.

NOr sympathy–because modern societies are deliberately being created that cannot empathize due to the lack of ability to simply ‘put oneself in anothers shoes.’

How can a weatern person fit the shoes of a goat herder in Iraq? How can a western woman actually feel what it is like to be stoned to death–or to have a relative that is happily married to a goat herder?

It is NOT possible.

And, in place of the ability to empathize, sympathy–the distant cousin of empathy takes it’s place.

the major difference here is this: empathy is based on ACTUAL emotions that are rooted in SIMILAR experiences, whereas sympathy is not–sympathy is an imagined, even orchestrated or otherwise fantasized ability to ‘imagine’ oneself in similar circumstances. To sympathize is to essentially ally oneself to the cause or the fortune, or the misfortune of others–an as such, there are little to no actual feelings involved, but rather thoughts ABOUT feelings–your own and the imagined feelings of others.

And this is the major difference. And, in western consumer societies, one is easily confused with the other, and  also easily co-opted, manipulated, and subordinated to larger agendas.

Can you guess which one?

So, as I have noted elsewhere*, the great ‘American Experiment’ is actually based on the work of a man–a group of men–who were tasked with ‘diagnosing Nazi Germany with a society wide mental illness.’

And, it is the strategy and techniques and the tactics of these men that mediate social relations in Germany today, and every and any other western nation–it is their methods that are the basis for western social control architecture, and the machinery to orchestrate whole societies (think about all of the CIA/western-backed/global capitalism funded/ Zionist** ‘revolutions’ across the middle east today as an example.

So, with that background (scantly supported herein as it is at this time), let’s have a look at “Thought Crime.”

I think a good place to start is at the personal level. Myself, a thought criminal.

I am not a thought criminal so much as I am a thinker, which has been the doom of many good men–and especially, artistic, or expressive men.


Thinkers should confine their thoughts to the throne room. One could easily replace the stump under this man with a commode, and in doing so, see every man, and every woman. But patriarchy, which represents male thinking, thinks that thinking is for men only–and that women who are every bit as hungry for power, status, and wealth are somehow not represented equally. Enter the modern eugenics movement, international feminism, and CIA fomented ‘nation building’. THink about that shit, next time you shit.

Well let’s take a quick tour through my last/lost decades, shall we?

I became an enemy of the state, and powerful people who run international kidnapping rings, and who thrive on war pornography: images of captured, degraded, murdered and tortured people.

I became an enemy of the state when I took ethical stances against the enslavement of ALL persons, eugenics, and militarism in all of it’s forms (especially militant feminism, which is invested equally with the war pornographers in the largest Gulag system in the history of the world; and which is also responsible for the slaughter and kidnapping of children on an international scale, etc.)

Have you heard the phrase “six degrees of separation?”

Well some of those people are, by way of relation to me, or otherwise accessible to me, within one phone call. And I am not talking about some loose relation, or some spurious connection–I am talking about actual people who run/and run over the world doing the things I mention above.

Recently, some of them were convicted in absentia for crimes against humanity, and war crimes of torture, murder and so forth. One of them is known to me to be an especially vile consumer of war pornography.

Here is a link in regards to them. And needless to say, some decades ago, my politics were particularly opposite of their own. And, predictably, my life, and its circumstances became a circus–an ongoing horror show that was inescapable, though I tried.

And back in the early part of my un-nameable ordeal, part of me was lost forever to the shenanigans of what we now know to be a ‘police state.’

Put another way, when I was writing about such things in 2001-2003, many called me ‘crazy,’ whereas today, EVERY SINGLE MAJOR MEDIA OUTLET is writing about the same things. AND, worst of all is that the same agents and agencies I wrote about then, have spent an un-ordinary amount of time, and resources to ‘create’ circumstances where such a perception could be seen to be ‘true’ more than ‘created.’

Thankfully, I am not alone, and the courts NOW are starting to see the effects of such manipulation of justice, and the methods that were deployed upon ‘us’ to ‘create’ results fsavorable to corrupt agencies that have foregone the Constitution, and other guarantees of citizenship in the United States of America.

Put another way, citizenship here is worth less than dirt, if one believes in ‘constitutional protections,’ and worth EVERYTHING to those who subscribe to war-porn.

Part of me was co-opted, and manipulated by as yet to be named assailants, working for seemingly legitimate agencies and organizations (while many years ago, I, like many others, was naively unaware of the levels of infiltration of informants and covert agents into ‘social justice’ organizations, I no longer harbor that naivete.), and thought, quite erroneously, that American ideals were more than just rhetoric to be employed by those in power, both at the grassroots level and higher, and were actually something that were worth working for–until I became a scapegoat, and a bogeyman in doing so, and in so thinking.

These are all pieces of the bigger picture–my early journalism, and my early ideals haven’t changed–but what has changed is my belief that there are ‘good guys’ or gals–there aren’t any at any official level or in any official capacity–only criminals who thoughtlessly pursue resume padding exploits at the expense of ordinary citizens.

For example, I once thought that the FBI was an agency that actually upheld the law. And, I fully expected that agents within such an agency had the power, both political and personal, to take a stand for these same American ideals.

Politics aside, I had some fantasy–I really have lived in a fantasy world, devoid of actualities–I had the fantasy that politics took a back seat to legal infractions; like torture, against international laws and conventions.

I was wrong.


[Beyond belief–and stretching even my imagination, my network crashed–disappeared; my access to the internet disappeared as I typed a certain phrase–a persons name actually, into my browser.

I am writing this portion of this piece some 20 minutes after the portion above the line.

In other words, my internet conection was-once again, subverted ata crucial point in my writing.

Now, What I write is not extremely significant–I am no hero like Edward Snowen, or Julian Assange, both of who are more brave, more technically skilled, and more morally correct than myself; but what I write about are the day to day effects of a multi-trillion dollar, military grade system that is designed to obstruct speech itself–to distort, redirect, alter, manipulate, and eradicate thought as it forms.

My record herein is not a complete or even accurate record; but my record is ONE PERSON’s attempt to document what war looks like, when it is directed at and INDIVIDUAL.

And, my record is pathetic and paltry. However, given the capacity, and working with allies who understand technology better than myself,  I imagine that this record could be improved upon.

Now, what I write below is the continuance of the thoughts ABOVE the line, but those thoughts–and the direction of my writing itself, has been altered.

And my ‘crime’ tonight–the ‘;crime’ that precipitated this diversion–this ‘mind-hack’? I typed the name Yonas Fikre into my web browser.

Yonas Fikre was put into circumstances where the United States Federal Bureau of Law Enfarcement tortured him, or allowed him to be tortured (one of the messy areas of law in so-called free nations is the ‘grey area’–areas of the law where the law is subverted BY police, and other agents of law enforcement, who manipulate, create, or force circumstances where they cannot neccessarily be held liable for such subversions.)

Yonas Fikre was one, of hundreds of thousands in the last decade/s who were de facto tortured in this law enfarcement created ‘grey area.’

Now, due to unintended length of this chapter, I will start a new chapter, and link this one to that one.

But let me end this chapter with a simple, visceral video, entitled ” The FBI Creates Terrorists, Just to Police Them.”

Or, something like that-when my first encounter with law enfarcers was over, I was declared innocent by every court that had jurisdiction–there were 3 courts involved–but thereafter, I was forced into/coerced into/manipulated into so many law enfarcement schemas of subversion that today, I couldn’t tell you with any certainty how many years I have actually lost in trying to avoid such heinous, sub-class torture.

But I can tel you that they have redirected my entire life, with the exception of these writings. And that is no small victory, as time will tell.

Terrorist Plots are Orchestrated by the FBI





*Donald Ewen Cameron, and others.

**Zionism is the right wing militarist wing of Jewish thought and Jewish leaders. Not all Jews are Zionists, nore are all Zionists Jews. Some say–and evidence supports–the presence of Zionists in collusion WITH capitalists who supported, and politically backed the Nazi’s prior to 1933 in Germany.

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