I stopped documenting United States Government Hacks in 2006–after I was hit with the prototype for Stuxnet.

I dissected Stuxnet several times between  2006-2009. It was a Hydra, and I cannot say that I ever figured out the ‘root’ series of commands that made it what it was, nor can I say with certainty that the IP addresses associated with it then were anything but “AMerican”.

Sure–plausibly deniable IP’s from Israel, and Russia (or other esatern Bloc nations) were at times the source of the virus–which was a distinctly new (at the time) distinctly difficult, and distinctly hard to kill, or contain virus.

For instance, some versions of the original prototype locked a drive, while others merely left ‘offline server’arrows in its path (>>>>>>).

But what affected me most at the time was this: that I was being targeted at every level of awareness:

1) my inernet searches were subverted and redirected (documented in volumes, elsewhere)

2) ‘my’ machines were being used by others in various shades of both legality, and reasonable use (different programs used their ‘own minds’ against the commands, and the intent of myself–meaning that others were intentionally, and routinely ‘melding’ their purposes with my own, while at other times, black-ops agents routinely used ‘my’ machines for their own purposes–most frequently installing monitor-wares, or other similar items, which all leave traces.)

3) the crew cut people followed me around regularly–and when they appear, you know one of few things: a) morons are directing the surveillance, and did not, or could not, get the memo, due to incompetence, or competing state funding dependent agendas, plan for a ‘target’ who was aware of targeting’, or b) actual A-list agents are not available, and 3) you are quite possibly being targeted for other reasons–‘is he/she sane enough to differentiate the white, middle twenties, blonde, crew cut wearing person from amongst the goat herders and Somali merchants?’

Or-Can I, special agent hopeful-promotion, G-level upgrade,  bag a ‘target’ by breaking the law, and hope that I don’t get caught? ( a very common scenario in my personal targeting).

And so many more that I lost count in 2008. So, in the least, I hope–and as an atheist, I PRAY that one or another of you did due diligence, and documented the various methods, and persons that were part of my personal targeting-because I did, most of the time, in journals, letters, e-mails,photo’s and less frequently, films from that era; Wireshark captures, screnshots, and regular documentary writings.

Well, anyways–the best you got is the asset forfeiture squad? You know, don’t you, that this is a two way street, right?

I mean-If I were after money–which EVERY and ANY record shows to be false, I would be rich, by now? So, why is it, exactly, that I do what I do? Is it in ‘vain’? Perhaps–but also, every and any record will and does show that I have no personal ‘name’ top be vain about–I have NOTHING to lose by revealing you, your methods, and your means–which, of course, are vast.

BUt I think, America needs a great ‘cleaning out.’ LIke a drain, clogged and full of crud, I have nothing to lose by revealing you, subpoena after subpoena, in a novel entitled ‘ My name is Mud: the personal account of a person who the law thought was beyond Constitutional Protections.”

Or some other, realy clever title.

Either way–what I was writing last night, and that writing which has been forcefully, corrosively extended into TODAY, was about psychology, and how a corrupt state and federal power uses psychology to subvert the constitution.

And, I was writing about yet another strange, as yet undocumented hack, and subversion by the USG and its corrupt agencies.

when I look up Yonas Fikre

Note the tracert and MY method of documenting YOUR subversions. AND notice what I was searching for–Yonas Fikre, a man who sued the USG because FBI agents tortured him. When I punched his name into my browser, my whole internet went haywire, shut down, and the hot-spot that I use went into overload. I was effectively cut off the net the very SECOND that I searched for info about Mr. Fikre.

when I look up Yonas Fikre 2

Who ARE the people in YOUR neighborhood? But my neighbors–especially when I get netcut, and otherwise subverted, are Sherlock Holmes and company–Company? Oops–I meant, corporation execs.


Finaly, after trning my hotspot off, and on again–I get the most interesting message from my hotspot-somehow, SOMEBODY has gained ‘root access’–and cause my hotspot to relay the strangest message (see above). And that, coincidental (in my life, even the raw joy of coincidence is CO-OPTED by the shenanigans of law enfarcers–I have so many ‘coincidences’ that life just turns her head from me every time I try to tell about it; but in this case, looking into the FBI torture of a man, along with a story I was writing about PsyOPs that are deployed against ordinary citizens like myself-my network crashed (a common occurence in my life) and then, when I turned my phone/hotspot off, and then on again–withing moments of the crash–the spot came up with this odd message. AND this od message means that someone, or something accessed the ‘root’ of my phone/spot. AND that means that coincidence is coincidence, unless you are me, researching what I research.




Links to the story I started to write before all of the above happened, some three hours ago….(you fucking bastards–as you said “[I] might not want the war, but the war wants me.”

Yeah–well make it official then, or not. But this and more is my self defense against how egregiously you have offended me–and I imagine that alone I am nothing–but, also, I imagine that a class of persons LIKE ME exists, and are ready for action.

It is just a matter of time and the necessity of circumstance to put it together.

The story, NOT written:
AMA and DSM4 are frauds–tools of pre-emptive eugenics

Terrorist Plots Are Actually Orchestrated by the FBI


Empire, one strategic diplomat at a time

Bush et al convicted as war criminals-in Malaysia

Richard Clarke on Bush Cheney as war criminals

POwerpoint-managing criminal thinking

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