Oh–and did I mention Jacob Wetterling? NO? MAybe that’s because your ‘Bible’ didn’t include female pedophiles in that era.

But I recall a certain daughter of a certain disgraced law enfarcer, who described the sexual abuse she endured at the hands of HER MOTHER; and that/those memory/ies included the FACT that her mother wore a HAT-a fedora type hat, when she abused her kids.

And, if you recall, the first pictures of Jacob Wetterlings kidnapper was a ‘man’ with a fedora….although I haven’t found that sketch online since about 2003.

And one of those kids of that hat wearing mother grew up to be a soldier, and then, a multiple offender–a child abuser–but his sisters?

They were, combined, a small army of sexual abusers-one of them even had her sons foreskin cut off at the age of four, because, as it was related to me then ” she thought it would be funny to see how the father reacted*” when he got his son that weekend.

I mean-this IS who YOU people are–and it’s frightening, how you protect such narratives. Even more frightening how YOU are PART of these dramas, by your willing, knowing adherence to false naratives.

Oddly, the disgraced law enfarcer once said that I was ” the only decent boy’ his daughter ever brought home.

Shame on all of you for what you are doing with your cop-led cults, and your law enfarcement–I came here naive–I leave her in a body bag, or with a novel that once and for all puts to rest the question of whether or not men actually ‘abandon’ their children.

Mother fuckers–and I mean that in every single pejorative sense–MOTHERFUCKERS in MAMASOTA, I am still here, and ‘ready to engage’ you fully–because I know now what your propaganda and your subversion of the intent of the law looks like.

And, eugenics is the tip of your state wide iceberg.

None of you deserve a clue, nor a counter argument. I have taken that elsewhere, and I beckon to others to play your own game, against you. I am on THEIR team, because your morality is vacant, and your children deserve the bombs that you drop on others far away from here.

* Butch was his first name–I forget his last name–Roberts? That sounds right–he was a carpenter. And only one of the whole family had the truth in her–Maria-the child who that law enfarcer alegedly raped at the age of 16-that child, his wifes first from a prior relation.

I actualy believed HIM–but aparently, it ruined his career.

Like I said elsewhere to ALL of you law enfarcers–if you kill my generations, I know how to alter your own as well. And, apparently, in the Dubuque case and others? Maybe the roosters come home to wreck….while the hens raise real killers.

Just sayin’–you have something to lose too, you frauds; you cowards.



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