Society loses every time it creates ‘permanent suspects,’ whose rights are routinely violated by law enfarcement agents.

And worse? It is quite possible that some cases could be solved quicker–and actual ‘suspects’ could be cornered– if penalties levied upon virtually innocent people were not so harsh that our society creates permanent enemies via false allegations, or haphazardly applied profiles, and sociopathic-society serving labels.

The enemies of society, might in fact be the actual innocent parties in any action. At least, enemies, as defined by American societies  own, sick, eugenic definitions.

I am one such person whose abilities and talents have been all but destroyed by such labeling. The truth is, perhaps, that I AM a better person than THEY are(whoever ‘they’ are….)–if only because their permanent label has left me more pure–or should I say, less stained with the corruption, malaise, and apathy that IS what the ‘average person’ IS.

Illegal wars, dead kids overseas to feed our obese, under-educated, murder prone kids here? Terrorizing whole quadrants of the world so that ‘we’ can sit in our churches, and on our yoga mats and pray to a G-d, or a Gaia  whose own ‘writings’ sanctions and condones such mass homicide by gender?

If chimpanzees could write, I am certain their Bible would be every bit as self involved, self centered, heedlessly brutal; every bit as egocentric, rabid and war-making as the one that guides Americans.

And if bonobos even appreciated the written word, I am sure their Bible would be nothing but vaginas, with teeth.

After all, Americans, and marauding chimps exhibit the EXACT same behaviors, while American women exhibit the traits of bonobos.

Which brings me to this prolonged terror campaign, and directed extra-judicial interrogation–this decades long assault that has been waged upon me by law enfarcers and others for decades.Right here, in ‘freedom’ I have not had any ‘freedom’ from the dossiers of official terrorists.

But that is neither here nor there at this moment. What is here and now? In the last several weeks, someone has spray painted a smiley face on the sidewalk that I walk daily, just half-way up my block, AND, they also spray painted some other graffiti on an abandoned store. I will not at this time disclose what the graffiti said, but it was directed at me, based on conversations I had on a wiretapped phone many years ago.

Thes threats and insinuations are part of my every day life.

Now-the funniest thing about talking on wiretapped telephones is that you can never say anything too real, you can never be yourself, and every word that yoi speak or hear becomes a cue that leads to another cue, a script that precedes another script;  and using the phone itself becomes an exercise in theater–security theater in it’s rudest, most invasive form (we all have a role to play;-)

Well, anyways–in Mamasota, when young men die, it is chalked up to ‘stupid drunk guy stuff,’ because why? Because guys are dumb; men are all rapists, and violent predators–so goes the official logic of this odd form of militarized, institutionalized, paternally protected false feminism–this eugenic design– that is implemented from every birth born here every year.

Here, in Mamasota,  the weak (men) cannot survive, because the strong women need strongmen to strong arm people for their daily bread. These women in alliance with para-military police agencies, and in sync with intrusive surveillance state mechanisms, vet the weak and the strong, and decide who shall survive–generation after generation.

Well, anyways–the night is waning, and the good people are waking up, so I have to write this quickly–and avoid dressed up language, or fancy adjectives that my one or two readers (you know who you are) just hate–as one of them who was stalking me on Craigslist said two years ago “are we going to let him go on about this again?!” as they netcut me hour after hour as I posted various cop-bait.

Well-you forced it with your latest escapade–spray painting a smiley face on my taxpayer funded sidewalk–and other graffiti up the road where my daughter strolls daily– , so here it is:

The Smiley faced Killer/s: my five cents, shaken out of my picket by extra judicial graffiti campaigns directed at my privacy, my security, and, sidewalks that I paid for.

In Mamasota, women who are very man like* tend to dismiss anything that is man oriented, or that can aid men, or assist men–and even to the point of watching young men die al across America(as opposed to feminist backed undeclared secret wars like Syria, etc.), and feminists especially dismiss anything that upholds the right to life of young, WHITE men.

Young white men fit certain profiles of patriarchy–and those profiles are the arch enemy of these fake feminists (a more appropriate term for them is to call them what they are–militarists who are women. The term feminism applied to them is innappropriate because these women are actually just selfish misanthropes, like mean, slightly more bitter, female versions of Dick Cheney.)

The Smiley Faced Killer/s are quite possibly a very real phenomenon, and I have personally overheard an odd snippet of conversation at one point in time that make what follows a personal thing for me.

First, the theory:

….two retired detectives from New York have spent 11 years investigating 40 cases of college-age men who died under similar circumstances: They disappeared after a night of heavy drinking, and their bodies were later recovered from nearby bodies of water. The drownings occurred in 25 cities in 11 states, stretching from New York to the Midwest, including nearly 20 cases in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

And here is a local opinion from one such female criminologist quoted in the same local free rag:

The rag asked the opinion of ‘one of the nations bst known criminal profilers’, Pat Brown, who is a  is a former Mamasotan. Ms. Brown,

has appeared frequently as a media commentator, including appearances on CNN, FOX, and MSNBC, and she is a regular guest on CNN’s Nancy Grace. When we asked her opinion of the so-called Smiley Face Killers, she didn’t mince words.

“They don’t exist,” she said flatly. “It’s ludicrous.” Serial killers, Brown said, “just don’t work that way.”

Ummm…Jeffrey Dahmer-he targeted men, and particularly African American men; John Wayne Gacy? He targeted men too–and many others–the notorious Charles NG and his buttie targeted anyone who they could torture! Israel Keyes??!!

Do you see what happens to “justice” when useless, headline seeking, wolf crying, political cunts get involved?

I mean, what legitimate PERSON, much less a legitimate criminal profiler would make such a dismissive statement?

You guessed it–a Mamasotan; only a Mamasota born, and eugenically bred woman, with that version of fund seeking, women’s oprganization, donation pandering ‘it’s for the children! It’s to protect women!’ type of Mamasotans would say such crap, which flies in the face of the evidence.

These types-their profile includes the internalized belief that there ‘just aren’t enough resources to go around,’ to take care of everybody, so WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST!

Which, of course, benefits the mates that these women chose–violent male chimps, or hyper-sexual female bonobos.

She goes on thus below: [original here]

For one thing, she says, sociopaths probably wouldn’t work that hard, traveling to several states to find victims.

Second, a serial killer’s motive is generally pretty clear. “It’s usually a sexual assault,” Brown says, which isn’t the case in these drownings.

Third, serial killers prefer to work alone. “Sometimes you’ll get a pair of them,” she says, but not working in separate locations.

Fourth, their choice of victims doesn’t match the serial killer profile. “They don’t pick on big college boys. They pick on little girls, or teenage girls, or young teenage boys like 14 years old who can’t fight back.”

Fifth, the idea that they could abduct 40 male college students and drown them all without leaving a suspicious mark on their bodies strains all credibility.

So, at this point, I just give up-the waste of human talent in Mamasota is all due to this sort of ‘crown jewel’ of Mamsota’s eugenic experiment; women like Ms. Brown who attain high profile and status, dismiss some murders because it fits the eugenic narrative.

In simple terms, white males deserve no extra attention–they don’t fit their profile of ‘allies’ or people who they can use to get ahead, and then dump later.

But Black men are favorites–any issue that involves black men is top shelf, and deserves resources. Not that issues affecting black men do not–we all know how overdue that discussion is–here’s a guy who can speak about that better than I can–but to dismiss the murders of any men is outrageous-to dismiss outright a theory that can aid in solving those murders?

THAT is typical eugenic feminism.

Or, put another way-if you meet a woman from Mamasota and need her opinion about anything? Make sure that opinion has to do with holes and how to fill them with money and social conection–or forget any serious conversation.

Find a woman from ANYWHERE else and ask her opinion–it might be genuine, educated and the opposite of eugenically minded.

Now–here, below is an interesting web discussion–and it is the first that ties in with a conversation I overheard on a bridge over the Mississippi River one night.And it involves the word “Sinsiniwa”–a word I have never heard before tonight.

And, because this topic is one that will not go away anytime soon–AND because I just have to add my five cents when someone else is thinking what I have been thinking for so many years–I have to say this: if you are not a serious follower of this case/s, and if you are not one of my two deicated readers; and even if you are, this is all I know, don’t ask me any more, or ever about it.

And for anyone who stumbles in here, follow the links and read up on this phenomenon.

MY theory is, in part,  like this guys theory below, with one major difference, which I will explain below–AND I am deliberately NOT naming names because of what I said above–being a chronic suspect; being viewed as an enemy has created in me NO GOOD FEELINGS as regards contact with you, your society, or your law enfarcement agents–and this has contributed to why I never mentioned this before .

Here is the comment from a web forum:
05-06-2008, 02:40 PM
Sinsiniwa is an old Chippewa name for “Grave” or final resting placeAll the killings happened in what was the old Chippewa nations territoryThere was a great deal of unrest starting in the late 90″s over the tribes rights to land taken from them in the last century over failure to pay taxes.
About the time they believe the killings started

To step away from fact and into theory one could ask who a desinfranchised native American youth group may perceive as the guilty parties for thier present state . One can only answer the ” The White Man”, but to take it further ask the poor white man or the one with what appears to be all the advantages? and the final step ask. A christian man or A DECANDENT MAN?

On a sidebar Chippewa custom calls for a dead body to be dry to cross to the other side.

Just a thought.

Just a thought indeed–everyone on the forum after that comment dropped a load in their pants, and saw the merit of the comment–which I do to, and here’s why (again, this is just for my two dedicated readers, and anyone who follows these cases with a dedication to solve them. What I say is anecdotal, and many years after the fact. I would NEVER retell this to you, nor would I testify to it.
If you hunt me down by this IP or any other thing, I know nothing–I promise you, I will deny I wrote this. But perhaps, it will aid the ‘truth’ as much as the truth can be ascertained once it is filtered through the mind of law enfarcers–but I do want to put this out there because mothers are hurting, and fathers have lost sons:
But I was walking over the Hennepin Ave. Bridge one night, in or about 2003*. Ahead of me was a HUGE Native American, and a smaller Native American man, who looked Hispanic.
I encountered them on the south side of the bridge, one third of the way in, as I was heading east. They were engaged in what I would call ‘drunk talk’ based on the local profile (YOU know what I mean.). They were both dressed as you might guess they would be dressed (flannel shirt jeans0the big one possibly shorts-can’t recall right now), based on the fashion, the locality, the time of year ( I believe it was early fall or spring because my memory only has the weather stored from that night).
The big one–approximately 6’1′, about 260, long hair, slightly greying at the front, headband; the smaller one approx. 5′ 8-9″ tall, more Hispanic looking, hair in a pony tail-had a mustache, thicker rather than thinner mustche; and the conversation was this, and only this:
“Yeah, we just chucked him in the river.”
“Yeah, we just chucked him in-picked him up and chucked him in.”
Now–I ONLY disclose this here and now because I read that comment above, from
-you can research it yourself, but don’t contact me. Yes there are other details/no you can’t have them at any cost.
I am not your friend.
But I AM socially responsible, and this is something I need to put out there, because the comment above about Sinisiwa makes sense to me–I had myself wondered about a spoiled white kid in an Indian costume drunk downtown–what kind of person dress p as an imitation of another type of person and thinks that is OK???
Why WOULDN’T something happen to him? After all, the last Mass Lynching of Native Americans happened here in Mamasota–and drunken white privileged people wearing war paint probably isn’t funny to some.
AND, as a boy, I read much about what my society did to other societies–how my own people were sucked into the bloody conquests against first peoples; how destroying cultures and rebuilding them only to destroy other first cultures is the way of your society–and how YOU killed Crazy Horse by stabbing him in the back–
–And, for a brief moment–very brief monent, I identified with the disappeared young man–I secretlt wondered if he dressed as a native because he like myself, identified with the underdog–but NO–not likely, because he was part of the Mamasota culture–and he, like most Mamasotand only see WINNERS and LOSERS–and never ‘under-privileged’ or ‘over-privileged’ people.
I hesitated long over mentioning this simple memory–over ten years; I hesitated because I know how often YOU bring in the wrong people, and frame people into crimes; and failing that, how you ruin our lives for ‘not co-operating’; and how you shoot us in the back when the law is just too hard for YOU and yours to follow;too inconvenient–you cheat, to win, which taints the game.
Because you are WINNERS!
I hesitated to mention this because of what you were doing to me then, and since, and I hesitated because me just saying what I just said makes every native man who is over 6 feet tall, a ‘suspect’ to YOU–you whose means and methods cannot be trusted to actually do the right thing; and how many YOU will hurt and try to destroy to make your ‘cases’.
I even sat in a journalism class, and watched the in-class presentation by one of these detectives who put this theory forwards–and said NOTHING. You can source that if you want too.
But while he/YOU/THEM were right there in front of me putting  your theory forwards? I could only remember how many of your kinds theories hurt me personally, and destroyed others completely.
Why? Because YOU drew lines, and some of those lines cut right through me; and cut right through others I have known–cut off the opportunities of those who I have loved, and cared for.
But at the end of the day,  parents deserve an answer, and if this helps, so be it. I coud be dead wrong-there is no conection-but Rusty up there has a very slight web presence I only found TWO entries on the entire web from -and I think he has HUGE insight. I bet a good start would be to ask the question: does RUSTY mean RUSSEL?
And maybe, stop persecuting First People just because you CAN–and start approaching them as PEOPLE, just like you!
You might be surprised….
And, too, these eugenically minded pigs like Ms. Brown–this breed of conscienceless white women from America’s bread/breed-basket who wage war on the mothers, and children and men of the middle east today to support their daughters ‘rights’ to wear a bikini while eating popcorn and watching Kevin Costner’s depiction of white apology in Dances with Wolves’ need to be defeated in their dismissals of the impact of heinous crimes that are perpetrated on human beings ANYWHERE, much less here at ‘home.’
So, yeah–let your web spiders find this post some day-or let the local fusion center window peekers read this tonight-it doesn’t matter–it’s off my chest.
AND, if I am right about what you have done to me over these decades? You read it as I typed it, so get on it–and isn’t it a shame that I only brought it up over ten years after?
Hmmmm. Something wrong with the way YOU people approach people like me.And there’s more–but YOUR kind is waking up now, and I have better things to do than feel too sorry for dead boys-after all–in Mamasota, some of us are ‘throw-aways,’ right?
Someone has to be a scapegoat for how you chimps rape, murder, and otherwise wreak havoc over the world. But none of you respect other forms of safety–and other forms of ‘intelligence’.
Because people like me? We are seeking safety–FROM you.
* man like: I am an EQUALIST. I am merit based–for every woman that says ‘ a man cannot know te pain of childbirth’, I ay ” what woman can tell me about the lingering effects of bullet wounds, sprained backs, and hemorrhoids?’
I adore women who work as hard as I do; who eat as lustily as I do; who can out drink and out fuck me; AND who, at the end of the day, can still one up me by providing a more secure, more decent, moral compass that is better than my own.
However, certain elements of ‘feminists’ have pre-ordained that equality is an illusion. They posit that equality cannot exist until women are ‘in power’. Ironically, such feminists fail on every level, and in every discussion, to take into account little details like: the Queen of England(Queens, realy) have led the west into motre wars, and more death thatn ANY MALE LEADER EVER, and that, in the llast two centuries of ‘Victorianism’–that philosophy based in the ‘teachings’ of the queen bee Queen Victoria–who preached a very ironic gospel of feminism, based in the deaths of HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of MEN.
* I was also heavily targeted in that year as well, and had no reason to seek out any contact with law enfarcers. Equally, I have great respect for First People, and have found myself on the same team them, politically. AND I am no snitch, but I understand the pain of lost loved ones-yeah-YOU fuckers know what I mean.



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