I belong to the criminal class. The ‘good people’ belong to anyone who can out-murder them. And really, they deserve competition.

Whether I wanted to be, or not to be, born into the ‘criminal class’ wasn’t a choice I had. Because I am engendered male— nearly every law on the books in any ‘western’ nation begins targeting men as criminals from early in life.

And,lower income males are,by default, the primary victims of a predatory system of social controls that over-polices, preys upon, defines them by ‘profiles’ and deploys psychiatric labels upon them, and undervalues them as a class of people.

‘Male behaviors’ are scrutinized at a level that women’s behaviors are not; from boyhood to manhood, males are engendered. And, sometimes, that engendering goes against the social narrative–the means and methods of gendering males is itself a social narrative in western nations–indeed in most every nation.

And, too, in every herd of animals anywhere animals are herded.

A recent example of such behavioral scrutiny–such behavioral bias applied to ‘male’ behaviors, is the case Ray Rice, who got caught up in a domestic violence scenario.

Rice appears on a video, slapping his fiance’ in an elevator at a casino (an odd place to begin a society wide morality play), and knocking her down with that one slap. The media–TMZ in particular, ran the video and Rice was let go(fired) by the NFL team that he played for (the Ravens).

The media–and even the president (a man who was raised by a single mother who likely worked in the CIA para-organizations) weighed in, and told us how real men don’t hit women–but apparently real men use unmanned drones to do the anonymous work of killing women overseas as they accompany their families to weddings and so forth

All of that should and shouldn’t, moralistic crap–that  military-industrial-complex funded, and propagandized ‘feminist’ crap is by now is the new religion in the west.

And, of course, Rice was labeled a deviant, based on rhetoric from psychologies Bible, and criminal charges were filed against him.

So, in the west–where the ‘criminal class’ is an actual social caste, with fewer rights than others, and higher penalties of extra surveillance, extra criminal’ charges for infractions, and actual added scrutiny for crossing caste lines of race, social status, and wealth brackets–the important information–that his fiance’ had spit in is face FIRST, was not even reported.

So, in the west–where the ‘criminal class’ is an actual social caste, with fewer rights than others, and higher penalties or crossing caste lines…. the important information–that his fiance’ had spit in is face FIRST, was not even reported.

And even then, the same woman (Janay) went on social media and castigated the media for getting involved in their business, and ‘trying to ruin their lives.’

Good for her, BTW, because every time a woman is acountable for her own violence it is a victory for marriage, children, and human beings everywhere who sek equality.

Which, feminists do not–feminists have NO INTEREST in equality or truth, because they are, each and every one of them, a piece of human propaganda, subsidized by the military industrial complex.

Well, then, what CANNOT BE UNDERSTATED is this: AFTER he hit her, they got married. I call this the Mamasota shotgun wedding; it fits a pattern that NO scholar, and no law enfarcement agency has yet documented: women, who use a variety of violence in all of its forms to force, or coerce a man into marriage.

Though when one examines statistics of domestic violence prior to 1993, when the VAWA, and other domestic violence ‘reforms’ began to wage war on Americans, the patterns were then as clear as they are now: women INITIATE violence nearly EVERY time, and men COMPLETE it, meaning, put an end to being assaulted by women.

Equally, what cannot be ignored, is that the couple are both African Americans-a population where women notoriously birth children without fathers in the home: where marriage rates BEFORE children are near zero (SHE chose to get pregnant and the two have a kid together–they don’t ‘share’ a kid in any sense because men have no primary custodial rights in this country; much less, men, who are intimately aware of rsponsibilities, more often than not, chose to NOT have children–our societies are based on this fact–this fact of women CHOOSING to bear children when they smell money, social connection, or status. This is perhaps, the LEAST studied aspect of western culture.)

And here is a couple, engaged, and without a state paid/subsidized child; a couple that pays for its own; and the media and it’s cohort of military funded feminist cheerleaders have nothing but hate for the couple (both of whom are violent, as human chimps tend to be.)

It cannot be understated that if a man were to do to a cop what that woman, Janay did to her fiance’–to spit in his face-a man would find himself soundly brutalized by the cops, arrested for assault of a peace officer, posibly charged with attempted murder (the AIDS exception)and booked into jail for up to, and exceeding a 72 hour hold; in jail, that man would be forced to wear a netted hood that looks like the hood worn by torture victims at Abu Ghraib.

And, that man would be mocked, harassed, and as often hapens in such cases, some cop would spit in his jail food.

But that didn’t-and won’t, and almost NEVER does, happen to women like Janay: women who fit the profile of anti-social maladaptives (those who put the cart before the horse in order to enlist the ‘assistance’ of others could be said to be manipulative, and whose actions could clearly be said to be against the interests of a child are instead–by the women’s lobbies and so forth–said to be quite social indeed-because in the west, women who CHOOSE toget prgnant, and who CHOOSE to have children–despite the existing ‘legal agreement’ that marriage IS-these women are held to be innocent of the exact same definitions that men are held to for the exact same behaviors:

Here–have a look at what ‘criminal thinking’ is, according to Hazelden, and the American Psychiatric Association (which was headed from its inception by a man named D.E. Cameron, who experimented on, tortured, and sexually abused patients under his care in the experiments that were concieved and funded by the U.S. Government and the CIA.)

Now–tell me that what SHE DID isn’t criminal. You can’t, unless you are one of them-one of those who deive a salry, or other endowment from the inequality that exists because of the institutionalized child kidnapping, and child leveraging that goes on every day, in every city, and in most families in the west.


Now–any man who did such things as spiting in someones face-or a cops face– that man would be labeled forever thereafter by both the law enfarcement agencies–and the Bible of psychology–as an ‘offender, who is likely anti-social, or in the very least, disorderly.

I have been labeled both–for actions precipitated BY the police; for actions precipitated BY women.I have never been found guilty on any charge–and no system exists to charge them after the fact.

Yet the charge–and the label of criminal class, stay there, goading and coaching law enfarcers to try harder, and to attempt to force me into criminality, for labeling is a powerful thing–but labeling, with the added pressure of whisper campaigns waged behind ones back; with the actual scars, bruises, and medical records from being assaulted time and again by law enfarcers–that is the true test of criminality-and I haven’t even yet become as they are–one of scores of violent perpetrator types, nor am I a coward (like YOU–and YOU know who you are).

The west has a zero tolerance policy for men hitting women–and a100% acceptance of women hitting, beating, burning, or otherwise assaulting men FIRST.

Odd paradox, that, in societies that claim that equality is a virtue.

In other words, there is a great double standard that disproportionately criminalizes men for actions they take in response to, and often directly because of, the actions of women. This is one such case, and there are millions more.


When I was young, part of my fractured existence forced me to live somewhere other than my ‘home’. Indeed–I was actually homeless for most of my life, from a young age forwards–I had no single place to call home.

But one of the places where I lived–and, where people cared for me and loved me for a time,  was right next door to where my father lived. And, those people who loved me taught me the ways of being a cowboy! In my generation, being a cowboy was still seen as a respectable thing for lower caste kids.

And, skipping through the details, suffice it to say that cutting the testicles off of young bulls was one way that I sustained myself in my youth.

Have YOU ever wrestled with a bull? Have YOU ever grabbed a young bull by the horns and sliced it’s testicles off? Certainly, YOU haven’t–people like you don’t have what it takes, because between me, and those young sprouting horns (which BTW usually signify a bull that has been watched for awhile BEFORE the decision to nut him came from above)–but taking a young bull down is an art form, in cowboy land.

And, nutting that young bull is a story unto itself-but suffice it to say that those of you who are supervising, and pre-emptively editing it via web-subversions of all kinds– my narrative, are not equipped to understand the premium levels of the story.

Well, anyways–the criminal class, from which I arose, as  a young bull, with nuts.

I was born to a mother who used me as a virtual crying towel, after her sister was murdered in calculated cold blood, just one floor above us in a four flat. Apparently, my mothers sister chose a smart man to breed with-or, to attempt to breed with.

And, that smart man studied the brain–he apparently studied the brain, the skull encasement, and the proper and correct points at which to smash said encasement with a hammer in order to kill someone. AND, he killed her–my mothers sister, with hammer blows to the skull.

And, I was born shortly thereafter; my birthing chemicals were a mixture of my mothers horror, sadness, and I might add-a likely cocktail of hormones that were a combination of ‘fear’ , anger, and hate; possibly also vengeance, as the stories I have heard indicate that my mother was competitive with, and adversarial towards her older sister who was murdered s I slept in vitrio.

Either way, when I came splashing out of her vagina, I was in no shape to be in this world. Nor was I in any shape to console or counsel such a mother-I was from birth, a virtual human Kotex, used as a mop-towel from birth until twelve or so, a band aid mfor my mothers horror and grief.

Have you heard the joke?–A guy finds a sea-battered bottle on the beach, and recognizes it is a bottle that contains a genie!

He rubs the bottle, and out pops the genie!

AND, That genie is an old and well worn trope of a Genie–and when the guy says “Now grant me three wishes!”, the genie replies-‘look, I am an old and sea battered genie–I don’t have the time or energy to give you three wishes-sorry.

“I only have energy for ONE WISH. I am an old, well worn, well traveled trope,” says the genie.

The guy, aware that the genie has reneged on all of the historical genie narratives of THREE wishes, realizes also that ONE wish is better than NONE.The guy–being a guy, takes what he can get–guys do that in situations of limited resources, so goes the narrative that the west abides by–he says ‘O.k.–then–whatever YOU offer is what I will choose from!”

And he says “O.K. Genie– I want to be surrounded by wonderful, delicious women’s pussies for the rest of my life!”

To which the genie replies *POOF*

And the guy is immediately turned into a Kotex.

You see?  The point is, from birth, I was the human snuggle toy of a woman who lost her sister to the most heinous violence that life has to offer–so it is easy to forgive her.

But the problems thereafter are how the society in which I am entrapped interprets such narratives–how this society in which I am entrapped ‘engenders’ narratives, and assigns ‘gendered responsibilities’ to such narratives, much to the chagrin of reality, and everyone within IT; everyone, really, loses something better.

The human beings suffer greatly under fascistic narration which demands corporate sponsorship, and worse, the essence of a story gets lost in the telling if only because corporation sponsored readers have limited narrative voice; limited narrative lenses that provide multiplicity and nefarious choices from which to to interpret reality.

And, sheep have few choices too-pasture? Not pasture?trust shepherd? Not trust shepherd-and some–the brave ones-often hop the fence, and seek other fodder, fields and counties away–just before the butcher knife comes out; or the hammer gets dropped.

Well, anyways–yeah, you could say that the various wiretaps, community policing schemas, and FBI caravans that followed me around for decades–the Homeland Security frauds that tried TRIED to set me up as a terrorist time and again; the endless surveillance, and the constant manipulations of my internet conections, my telephone connections, and the sad and as yet ruthlessness of TAO ops spaning those decades-yeah, you could say that at some point, I got tired–really, really tired, of being the Kotex that they tried year after year, trope after trope, to bleed their biased, sexually perverse narratives into–I got tired of being USED.

That is a long story for sure, not one for now–but it does feed into other parts of the current narrative:

Like, how this rather obscure blog can NO LONGER implement the self protective tool of the screen capture, while I document the persons, entities, and agencies that used to be featured prominently in my  “Stats”section which reveals who looked at, linked to, read, or otherwise perused my writing–yeah-apparently they took my ‘advice’ and began to hide their presence–as if they are ashamed (as well they should be) of reading my blogs for pleasure, as much as they read my blogs for ‘intelligence.’

They really aren’t THAT smart, ever. And, they are predictable, both in their technologies, and their individual technological prowess.

Years ago, when I began to ‘profile the police’, I began to  observe the means and methods by which police–law enfarcement agents–used, abused, and otherwise interacted with the internet.

I began to profile how every day interactions with the ‘internet’ and internet services, programs, blogs, and other speech delivery systems were under attack by government agencies and entities, and individual government agents.

Well–that’s a long story, chronicled elsewhere–but for now, it is important to note that one simple feature of WordPress–the ‘Stats’ counter, was, up until about two months ago, a reliable feature of the blog platform, whereas NOW I see that it has been co-opted, subverted, and worked around-in other words–this blog hasn’t had a ‘hit’ from the internet in months, since I wrote about this EXACT exploit.

Do you smell MY latest honeypot yet? Have a whiff–but you are also predictable–the log-ins and log-outs alone will document what I say is true. The very IP where this blog is held captive–even the duration of time where I am writing and not writing will be there to sting your narrative soundly in it’s face.

Put another way–the ‘Stats’ counter in the upper left hand corner of your screen has been subverted so that YOU (‘I’) cannot ‘know’ who accesses your (‘my’) blog, or where they are from–since I wrote about that two months ago (link to be provided at a later date).

And this is ‘just sayin’ ‘ that I know YOU are there;-)

But I have learned from you too–as a member of the criminal class, my survival depends on avoiding the constant criminal encroachments to my liberty that you have attempted for these lost decades.

UPDATE: Until I am uin a position where a subpoena produces the IP logs that exist in regards to THE FOLLOWING screenshot, this is merely a snapshot–a ‘sample’ of the reverse honeypot. The reverse honeypot is something that all hacktivists and activists know–or should know–in regards to dealing with the illegal, coercive, manipulative, or otherwise subversive and nefarious (both legally, and morally nefarious ) methods DEPLOYED against US/THEM.

In this case, read the sentence above : “my survival depends on avoiding the constant criminal encroachments to my liberty” that are deployed against me CONSTANTLY by as yet named assaillants. What is MOST important, is this: here, in the case outlined herein, is this idea that a person is willfully, or willinbgly providing data, or information to authorities, when in fact, the case at hand indicates that anything I say–which ‘can and will be used against me….’ is in fact the product of a several decades long assault on my body, my mind, my emotions, and more: they have actually shot me in the back, stolen my possessions without warant; broke and entered my homes; altered the text and the intent of my writing (let’s–ALL of us HOPE that the PR that posits that the NSA keeps EVERYTHING IS true!

Because internet trails are long, and entangled–but also, possibly, ‘searchable’–meaning that we, the people ALSO get a shot at running tracert against the NSA databases;-)–We ALSO get to peek behind the curtain of OZ herself ( sources have told me that certain Generals look great in long haired wigs….)

Oh–No? National Security won’t let ‘US’ do that? ; National security won’t let us run IP traces from the FBI servers themselves? NO? National security prevents US from examining each and every sniffer log run from and to, and beside, and threaded within certain conections from Chicago, Virginia, New York–and I can’t especially (for petty, personal reasons) can’t wait to learn more and more abot those OPS in SD and LV. Really

Yeah–we’ll see which one of us speaks for the rest of US


And I haven’t even gotten to the library card that YOU stole back in 2012-3. Whose prints are on that anyways? Whose face is on the camera as you attempt to use it–and if as YOU say, the ‘suck-your-itty bitty guards’ really kicked you out of the ‘library’ (people like you really make books look smart) than have at it–but your threats don’t cover the half of it, much less lick the tip of -YES, you do–the ICEberg.

NOw, lastly, when the fat guy called me from a phone number that had, as far as I knew, been dis-associated from my personal narrative, or actual use for three years before that OP’s call–suffice it to say that I kept the phone, as that number called me! some three years after I hadn’t even used it. Curious thing, this life where you ppl assault and assail me, and then, the gall to call me from numbers that I know?

Yeah–I expect that YOU can control the narrative at the point where YOU use the phone; the hotspot; the router; the drunken conversation with a vague acquaintance–but ya’ know what? Not even YOU can control what is seen and heard across the sea; across the lines; or across the bar.

Any witness other than YOU is more credible (hahahahahahaha the US doesn’t torture people; hahahaha mad Dr. Keith just swears that his agency doesn’t snoop on ALL AMERICANS–hahahaha your shit is falling out of your cunty smug face–your truths have prolapsed, you nasty book stealing sheepesses–and –You do NOT own the narrative en todo, not by a long shot.

‘Anyhoo*….’ the talking point:

About that new-fangled interogation method


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