Ray Rice and the Mamasota shotgun wedding. The slap heard ’round the NFL.


This says it all.

I first encountered the idea of a shotgun wedding in an odd way–I came to Mamasota to lend my (then) ‘good name’ to a child who was about to be born to a heroin user and a street prostitute (sure, my fault and all–I’m the ‘boy’ and boys should/ought/must ‘know better than that’,  and all–but I didn’t. I was blinded by phony crap like ‘doing the right thing,’ and ‘protecting the child’ and ‘giving the child a name’ and all of that other rhetorically charged, selectively respected, enforced or applied crap. Worst of all, I was “in love,” which I now know is a chemically induced hormonal response that males are susceptible to once they have had sex with a woman).

Much to my surprise, this street prostitute–(then I was likely deluded by having read Shaw’s Pygmalion, and felt I could undo the ending)who has by now racked up quite a criminal record of identity fraud and so forth, as well as having pimped my daughter to the military bases of Colorado (where, ironically, much of the subversion of my internet takes place according to tracert*)–whose entire life has been the quest to be believed and funded by the state–this heroin user was the daughter of a Mamasota law enfarcement agent named Karl.

It seems to me, that law enfarcement agents raise some interesting kids.

One famous case of interesting law enfarcers kids-law enfarcer children gone wild- was the third man at the Columbine massacre–the son of an FBI agent who acted as a planner, and a provocateur of the most famous school shooting in America at the time.

SO, I wasn’t THAT surprised when KARL was the bailiff at one of the many court interactions that I was forced into, at gunpoint, then-he sat there at the door while a judge told me that being an artist wasn’t good enough for my daughter–when a judge told me that it doesn’t mater how many men the childs mother shoots heroin with, or picks up off the street–what matters in MAMASOTA is the dollah dollah bills, y’all.

Who can be made to pay for the failure of law enfacers to control their own kids? Who can be ‘blamed?’ besides them? Whose name could they drag into their fray–their perverse child kidnapping schemes and child killing plans….

And, then and even now, I worked for a iving, unlike the mother–and I never once did so much as yell at my child; but the record can, does, and wil show that psychologists were aware that the mother egregiously abused the child; that the state system turned a blind eye.

No–the concern then was: how much could I pay the state so that the state could finance itself and it’s perverse system of chattel slavery. That, the new shotgun wedding in its era.

But that is neither here nor there–Ray Rice, an American footballer whose salary was in the six-figure range, was FIRED this week because he  slapped his fiance’.

And, just after the media, law enfarcers, and everyone in America who derives funding, or gets a paycheck to mobilize around ‘domestic violence’ against women (these same people are ALWAYS completely silent about domestic violence against men, the elderly, gays and lesbians, or who are peculiarly and particularly silent about domestic violence perpetrated BY WOMEN on CHILDREN), Ray Rice married the woman who he had slapped.

In the photo below, wee see a glimpse of the woman just after she spits in the mans face:

A longer version of the assault tape surfaced on Tuesday in which the couple can be heard shouting obscenities at each other, and Janay appears to spit in the face of the three-time Pro Bowl running back

A longer version of the assault tape surfaced on Tuesday in which the couple can be heard shouting obscenities at each other, and Janay appears to spit in the face of the three-time Pro Bowl running back Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2749318/Ray-Rice-speaks-Baltimore-Ravens-fire-beating-wife-Janay.html#ixzz3CzFA9bJT Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

What is to me, most important, is this: the woman who was slapped, Janay, GOT MARRIED to Rice just after the slap heard around the NFL.

AND she did what most women who use violence to manipulate men into marriage or other things do: she took offensive against the media who reported the incident.

And she ‘stood behind her man,’ and stands there today-no longer a fiance’, but now, a wife.Or–another shotgun wedding, I America, with the poice and the legal system taking the place of a father, holding a shotgun.

These days–they hold your whole life in front of you with slander campaigns, military might, and the power of the media. That’s a pretty big shotgun.

Here are some happy moments from the wedding that followed her getting slapped up after she spit in his face FIRST:

I do: Just a month after the vicious attack that left her unconscious, Janay married Rice at a no expense spared wedding

But what to me is most important is that she got what she wanted-here’s apicture of that: Dollah Dollah bills y’all.

'Just know we will continue to grow & show the world what real love is!' wrote Janay Rice on her Instagram account on Tuesday in response to he release of previously unseen video of her husband beating her

Oh, yeah, right–in case I forget, she got that other golden goose-egg first–the child. In America, believe it or not, children are still commodities that both women, and the state use as hostages to garner wealth from men. It IS the western way–the Mamasota shotgun wedding.

Rice and Palmer married in March, just a month after the incident. They had been dating since 2008 and have a daughter, two-year-old Rayven

Ahhh-true love, the American ideal: woman puts cart before horse; man tries to avoid the discussion of carts before horses; woman then creates drama, and with please for help–‘help, this man doesn’t understand the wisdom of putting carts before horses!!! HELP!!!! she cries as she secretly hopes for a ‘better’ driver of carts-as if there is another, because anyone knows that babies before mariage are a corrupt scema in the age of FREE BIRTH CONTROL for women and NO LEGITIMATE BIRTH CONTROL in pill form for men(ever wonder why?).

Yeah–cops drive carts like these all over America, and they, tooget taken for the same rides;-) Maybe if enough of them stop drinking the kool-aid, women in America might start excercising their ‘right’ to free and low cost abortions–like THAT will ever happen!

* The highlighted areas beloware one of the ‘switches’ where the USG and the NSA subvert the ‘free’ path of non-contract cell phones. My ‘message’ is SO DANGEROUS to Americans that I have been VERIFIABLY wiretapped for over a decade and counting. Apparently, the sheep might all jump the fence if what I think about gts too far out tere, like, um–free speech is supposed to.

And you would NOT BELIEVE what I have endured for these decades as law enfarcers (Scott County-hahahahahaha–you frauds) and Hennepin county law enfarcers have sought the most PERVERSE means to silence me.

Well, here, have a look yourself at the ‘(wo)man in the middle as they atack my connection to the internet:

Tracing route to lb.wordpress.com []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1     3 ms     2 ms     2 ms
2   116 ms   113 ms   118 ms
3   128 ms   112 ms   125 ms
4   124 ms   121 ms   123 ms
5   123 ms   159 ms   116 ms
6   121 ms   115 ms   435 ms
  7   137 ms   233 ms   213 ms  ae1d0.mcr1.englewood-co.us.xo.net []

  8   159 ms   121 ms   125 ms  vb1600.rar3.denver-co.us.xo.net []
  9   125 ms   117 ms   113 ms  ae0d0.cir1.denver2-co.us.xo.net []

10   120 ms   119 ms   115 ms []
11     *        *        *     Request timed out.
12     *        *        *     Request timed out.
13     *        *        *     Request timed out.
14     *        *        *     Request timed out.
15     *        *        *     Request timed out.
16     *        *     1295 ms  10ge-ten1-3.sat-8500v-cor-2.peer1.net [216.187.1
17   164 ms   150 ms   150 ms  10ge.xe-1-0-1.sat-8500v-sbdis-1.peer1.net [216.1
18   145 ms   143 ms   143 ms  . []

I could design a random ping-pong match with better back and forth than that, above….



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