Mamasota footballer Adrian Peterson arrested on child abuse charges. For the life of me I don’t know why.

Where I come from, and in my line of work, some folks just needs a beatin’ sometimes.

And men just need to man up–even if those men are only four years old.

I can still hear my father-may the Lord protect and guide him in heaven–saying”Get used to it you little sissy–there’s more where that came from! You better not cry either, and take it like a man!” when he would hit me with a belt–or a switch, a curtain rod, an electric cord, or a tire iron (after I was man enough to HANDLE a tire iron–he never beat me with a tire iron when I was a little man though, which is why I am sure the Lord has blessed him.)

I never once looked back and doubted that what my father did to me then was anything other than for my own good. Not once.

SUre–sometimes when I mix up an avocado and raw hamburger milkshake, just before I go to the gym, I can here dad’s voice in the back of my head sayin’ “what are you doin’ drinkin’ those girly drinks for? REal men don’t need no fagot ass health foods; rea men eat steak and potatoes–which are scientifically proven to stop the queers from becoming queers–and its good for the nutsack, if you know what I mean-”

Get used to it you little sissy–there’s more where that came from! You better not cry either, and take it like a man!

YEah, sure, dad, I hear you–but you don’t know science like I do–they didn’t have real science back when you were a kid. I took a class in my four year college when I was getting my law enfarcement degree–it was called ‘Health and Fitness Options for Law Enfarcement’ and it explained how testosterone in meat is better for building muscle when it is raw.

And there are other health things too, psychologically–like the fact that eating raw meat induces certain hormonal changes in our brains that make us more able to deal with violins. In fact, as much as I hate violins, I deal with it every day. And dad–if you would-a seen my take down on this one guy last month who had his hands up? I shot that fucker 6 times, because like you always said the only good (n-word) is a dead (n-word).

UM–for you readers, you need to know that I have taken diversity training many times, and I have become sensitized to calling n-words the n-word. Also, a lot of my job in the community means that I need to understand why me being white I need to use the word n-word, which seems fair to me.

I wouldn’t want some N-word to call me a  pig, or any of those other things. I also respect that the n-word people call me the po-po, because they aren’t and can’t be ‘pigs’. You see? I am fair minded as they come, and calling me po-po is like me saying n-word.I may look big and brawny, but I get it–there is a sensitized side of me.

Well, anyways–Adrian Peterson. Look at how the forced diversity training is faggifying kids today? Boys NEED to be beat, or they won’t find the anger necessary to wage wars, or do dead weights for hours at the gym; boys that don’t have their psychological chemistry altered through sound violins directed at them in their youth become queer and even worse.

Science has proved this but they don’t want this message to get out there too far–because the terrorists are waiting-just waiting every minute to get their hands on how our sciences have created the MOST VIOLENT PEOPLE ON THE EARTH..

So, when science proved that violins was necessary for young boys to become men, then the terrorists, the queers and the women wh wantmen’s jobs all said “Yaya!” We win! we have the secret!

And that’s when this whole terrorism here at home began, I am pretty sure-when the women knew that they needed the help of terrorists to win their rights, it was al over for us violins raised men–no more whipping your boys! They said.

No more treating boys like  football players! No more raising boys to be men! No way! thay said.

So, you just watch–in twenty years or so when this kid grows up? Yeah–I don’t want to say it too loud–but he will probably be a VikeQueen.

Yeah-and by then? He will also probably walk like a girl, and football itself will probably be illegal-or run by women like these apes:

The former tennis star was pictured with her rival of many years, Chris Evert (far right) and Serena Williams after Williams defeated Caroline Wozniacki in the U.S. Open final on September 7

Martina Navratalova, Venus William, and Chris Everett

Whoever is behind this kind of alteration of the God-given right of masculinity–and the duties that come with it! Oughta get shot in the face.

Technically, we are on the ‘same team’ when it comes to bulking up, and staying ultra fit like Greek Gods and Goddesses, but really, just between me and you, I wouldn’t bang any of them, even if my steroid program didn’t keep me so, um, uninterested in you-know-what.

Well–I gotta get to the gym–and I will probably do an extra hundred reps on my glutes just so that they are there for me if any of these fuckers ever try to say my dad was wrong doing what he did.

Ike my mom always said to him “if you don’t discipline your boy I will!” and she always hit me on my glutes.

I wonder about….Oh never mind.

Glug gluggg glugggg.

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