Man with Huntingtons Disease beaten, forced to choke on his own blood for ten minutes by cops in West Virginia.

A man named Jeffery Bane,  who suffers from Huntingtons disease, (which causes a sufferer to appear drunk) was assaulted, and nearly choked to death on his own blood and spit–andhis reward for trying to save his own life at the hands of sensitive, informed, concerned law enfarcers–his attempt to save his own life by spitting out the blood from his mouth that law enfarcers put there–as four uninformed, uniformed meatheads sat on him like a fresh kill?

And–in front of his own kids????!!!!!!

He was charged with various things, not least of which was assaulting officers with saliva. Hmmm. Strange set of standards we have here in America: have a look at another recent case of assault by saliva, and how that case was never prosecuted as an assault by saliva,  because it was a woman spitting in her future husbands face:

When SOME people spit at other people, they get paid million dollar dividends, and get the golden ring–and cops and women’s organizations All Hail spitting at people who are not ignorant, terminally ill, man assaulting cops; because when others do spit–like terminally ill men who are assaulted by cops IN FRONT OF THEIR OWN CHILDREN, and who spit so that they do not choke to death–the women’s lobby is silent–that is, except for ONE real, actual, concerned woman, who stepped in to save this man from drowning in his own blood, IN FRONT OF HIS CHILDREN.

She recorded the event, and stood her ground as cops tried to intimidate her away from recording yet another cop caused, potential homicide.

ALL HAIL Ms. Sara Bostonia, woman of courage.

Real women are rare–and very individual-not necessarily part of the ‘universal monolithic woman’ that militarist feminists would have you believe ‘represents women’, but rather, a woman who saw something wrong, and stoppd in her tracks to record it.

I will clean her kitchen for a solid week–and cook her dinner every night for what she did. She is my kinda gal. She recorded a near homicide that was potentially caused by over five hundred pounds of pork, sitting on a terminally ill mans face.

She stopped her car, and recorded police brutality–that brutality nurtured by ignorance, and a police psychology that is merely cruel, and stupid–deliberately stupid to the plight of ordinary men.

AND, police in America are AT WAR with cameras, and those who operate them. I myself have been filmed ad nauseum in public, and, FILMED IN MY OWN HOMES, when other means of assaulting me failed (remember boys and girls of law enfarcement: self defense IN ones own home takes odd turns now and again–not that YOU would know, because we never get the chance to assault you in YOUR own homes–for now. Not that we would–but the public SOOO deserves a peek at you people in YOUR pajamas….coming soon;-)

Those who shit on the constitution (law enfarcement) and Officer Go Fuck Yourself needs a beatin’ if you ask me.

But Law enfarcement has very very little to do with protecting anyone these days-and are serving their own paychecks more than at any time in history–including the Civil Rights Era.


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