There is no “theory.” But there IS an interconnected WEB of conspiracies that would take an ARMY to figure out.

And, that would require resources. LOTS of resources beyond my mere hypothesis.And, the government is FAR more interested in subverting the law than maintaining it these days.

Because-that’s where the money is at-I mean–the Saudi’s aren’t paying law enfarcement for justice, they are paying for pictures, videos, and other war pornography that indicates that American law enfarcers are willing to do whatever is necessary to make America appear to follow sharia law–like this video, of a cop, beating up a grandmother.

“Remember your subscriber,” my journalism professor said. I wonder if he knew then that American media had been leveraged by Saudi’s, Anti-Jewish Zionists, the quasi-constitution based Law Enfarcement system in America, and other fascists.

I mean–who has the time and energy to prove that Hillary Clinton’s lover, Stephen Foster was actually a murder victim ( I mean, really-what man in ANY state of mind commits suicide in front of his lovers husbands house? –while his ‘LOVE’ sleeps therein?–a sucker maybe–but even suckers aren’t THAT stupid….)

Who has the time and energy to prove that Holden Caulfield was in fact a CIA trained assassin?

Who can prove that the American Government no longer exists as a government, but rather, is an internationalist tool of debt laden mercenary  activity?

One might as well work for Putin….(and BTW–please stop allowing these Fusion center/local police call center/security guards and doorman bogs to contact or  continue surveillance of me–ok? When BOZO shows up, everybody loses credibility–you\ know I am right. Whole cases get flubbed every time you deploy them)


You see where I am going with this?

There is no conspiracy–only ‘the way it has always been’:corrupt law enfarcers working with corrupt politicians, and out-sourced narrational voice corrupt the narrative.

Voila! Welcome to America.

But, you had my number years ago--you could have just called me, or my highly placed relatives, and mentioned that we needed to talk. I am a real American, despite what YOU are doing against US.

But for me anyways, as a journalism student, I discovered early that law enfarcers were so available, and so wiling to corrupt my own narrative that they invaded my college newsroom. Then, they waged a decades long war on me, personally, to further isolate, and obfuscate my narrative.

I haven’t “lived alone” for DECADES, and counting, neither in my thoughts, my actions, nor my ‘narratives.’

And that last one is, really, the only one that counts–and they even have subverted that.

Then, I realized, that I have been a part if an experiment–an unwitting dupe, and a scapegoat in a larger, ‘national’ and ‘international’ narrative-I-whether I wanted to be part of that or not wasn’t, and isn’t even today, my own choice.

Well, fast forwards to0 today then, and the ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ of modern law enfarcement.

This blog is itself the outgrowth of a writer who has been manipulated, blackmailed, harassed and redirected; Tasered IN THE BACK and assaulted in so many ways that the ‘average person’ applying the standard of ‘reasonableness’ would have NO CLUE about how the ‘law’ includes protections for law enfarcers to isolate and terrorize individuals who fall outside the ‘normal’ paradigm of ‘ordinary citizen.’

And, of course, ‘reasonable people’ I am quite certain, would take offense to the way the law is subverte every time a ‘sneak and peak’ goes about its business, unwarranted.

Yeah-I have endured that for these decades. My witnesses won’t lie. But no mater how deeply ingrained it is in law enfarcement culture; no matter how privileged, coercive, covert,  and bullying your narratives?  I made sure witnesses were there, after the fact at least, and before the fact most often.

I AM NOT AN ORDINARY CITIZEN, and from birth to today, nothing I could ever,or WOULD ever do could qualify me as ‘ordinary,’ ‘average’ or ‘normal’

So–what to make of that? NOTHING I DO, NOTHNG I think, and NOTHING I am, qualifies me as an ‘ordinary person’?

I could never ‘get a jury of my peers’ or even a ‘fair trial’ because I am NOT ordinary–the fact that I sat with a hood over my head, in AMERICA, BEFORE ABU GHRAIB, makes me”not ordinary.

I was tortured in America, BEFORE torturing BY Americans was ‘fashionable’. I have tapes and recordings that prove that.

YOU* do too. 😉

 First, a short story: on September 10, 2011, I sat in a jail cell, hooded, screaming, spitting, and cursing–I had been jailed for protecting a person who had assaulted me. I didn’t snitch on her, so THEY took me in, instead.

What happened after that forever changed my ability to view the world as ‘just’ or ‘fair,’; what happened to me then and thereafter caused me to question every single American ideal I held close to my heart.

The right against self incrimination-hahahahahahahahha. MAN can they subvert that (the jail phone call is always the beginning of their subversions).

The right to remain silent–YEAHhahahahahahahahahaha-not so easy when you say ‘ the cuffs are on too tight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” And they tighten them further.

The right to counsel-hahhahahahahaha-good ones cost good money, and worse? The jail phone IS a wiretap and your counsel doesn’t have ‘eyesight’ into the control room!hahahhahahahaha.[will explain when subpoenaed]

You fuckers–each one of you? I pray a bullet in your face, or maybe acid–pray pray pray, I am converted….

Then there is the orchestrated narrational manipulation that IS the court system itself–who did what first, when? (Like they care: man FIRST, right? Then *bullet to mans face* THEN,  NEGOTIATE the truth with surviving woman–it’s very common, as our troops can testify]

So odd being warred upon here in freedom-I thought that just because these vipers were overseas that I somehow had the freedom to be free from the acts of war, from the actions of war, from the processes and procedures of war, and from the methodologies, technologies, and overt and covert acts of war that my country deploys upon enemy combatants; I thought that making war upon a citizen was illegal.

I was wrong.

Or–was I? That is a pivotal question in all of this indeed;-)

Then there are the subsidiary laws’ and the subversions of those laws that could rightfully render you innocent, rendering you ‘dangerous’ instead. because you are aware of the law, and its purported protections.

Rendering, according to the laws, traditions,  and nature of butchery, is to render: it is to take an animal, de-personalize it; kill it, skin it, tear off its meat for consummation, and take every other part of it, and then BOIL it, BURN it, GRIND its bones, and then, to finally toss whatever is left of it, as waste material into the trash, or to make glue out of it.

I have been subjected to as much–and I ask that time answer me: is the social fabric of YOUR generation/s made more ‘moral’ by what they did to me? Or, are you still kiling babies, and empoying depleted uranium on the fields of fathers who feed their children?

Well, anyways–and YOU (you know who you are) can check this out–you can interview the witnesses ( I documented four of them) you can take statements, and read the jail logs–you can interview the law enfarcers (there were four that played pivotal roles that early night unto day), and you can do the math YOURSELF, with all of your resources-but that night, as every record will and does and SHOULD hold (if in fact any tapes still exist, or any video)–but I sat that night screaming, in a netted hood, and telling YOU and everyone else that the world would end tomorrow.

I told you on September 10th, 2011 2001, that ” you Nazi’s are gonna burn. You mother fuckers will pay for what you are doing to me.”

And I told you that “this shit is going down.”

Don’t believe me?

Fuck-all–YOU are law enfarcers–ask one of your own, ask the jail logs, or any one of the other men who was locked up with me that night. I fucking challenge you to prove that what I just wrote is a lie-you can’t unless you outright buy a lie.

And the rest is up to you to determine what  asset YOU FUCKED UP.

And then some; and counting.

Here’s your Clouseau: Brooklyn Park, Mamasota, September 10th, 2001′ me and several others, in cells; me, falsely charged.

Now–fuck me over just one more time, and I promise you–I SWEAR, even better results.But this time? I will have YOUR home address;-)

But do your homework first, O.K.?

But that morning, I was out, drinking coffee at Muddy Waters when the first planes hit. And I, like everyone else who was there ( yes I can provide names) thought “Gee fucking Whizz, that is some serious shit….”

Now–come at me right next time and we can have a discussion–but I have had my fill of how you terrorize me year after year, for knowing my rights, upholding the Constitution, and somehow, despite my own insane voices,I am able to predict YOU.

And in case I forgot to mention it? Yeah–I wasn’t alone that day, or even now:

But man oh man, have I had my fill of conscienceless cowards like YOU terrorizing my narrative, and obliterating my possibilities for a future.

I could do what you do for a living, standing on one day, and then some: September 10th, 2001.

You might want to look it up;-)

In fact, I assign that bit of research to you for homework–and if you fuck it up? I have copies of these same, in a location–and via a resource–that you could not subvert at that time.


I will kill YOU in courtrooms, with the law. But really? I am beyond repair after the methods you deployed upon me to gain my complicity, or bully and blackmail me into silence over these years.

The law, is my true and neverending love- my love.

I often wonder: was my father in love with the law as much as I am? Because, when he cleaned the apartment where Mark Clark was executed, according to his own narrative, as he said that, as a lone disposer, late at night, while I sat in terror, but also, in abject admiration of a garbage man–did he too, also experience operational-refutation-gasm?

Did he cut a deal to ‘never talk about specifics?’ I bet not. And neither will I.

Yet you can ask him yourself (another homework assignment for you law enfarcers).

But between YOU and me? I remember him coming home, blood soaked on more than one occasion–and I can verify that just because the blood is on a person, justice has not been done, nor does it verify one account over another. Bood on ones hands isn’t a complete conviction.

For Mark Clark, and his kin; for Mark Clark, and the murder he endured; and, for Mark Clark, Black Panther–I am a piece of the story they sought to kill out of you/me, as you/not me weakened to one of their many, many ‘hers;’ my body, and many more, are kindling to new fires–, I am the body you(they) seek to render, now.

And, I am not yet gurgling my last wishes–but YOU might want to rethink your approaches–your constant approaches and subterfuge-because I am aware of your bullets aimed at my brain.

I have survived three so far–really, I am angry that you and yours have the kind of control to shot me, for crossing race lines–and for crossing class lines, because the man I stood up for–black, in your narrative–had been called a “nigger” by whites who work for you and yours.

And that, because he shoots INCREDIBLE POOL.

Dennis Day, if you are still alive or out there, Mamasota is trying to murder me-AND it is your turn to protect me, and to fight for me, the way I fought for you the night you were called ‘nigger’.

I was ‘there for you’–and even as I write they are seeking to alter, diminish, negate, and prevent, our talking to each other, man to man–because those who do it? Many of them are women.

I am disgusted–I really, really am.

Typing missives into cyberspace is like putting notes into bottles with one main difference: bottles, upon waters, find thewir place, whereas notes on the internet?

They get placed where law enfarcers can first, contain a narraqtive, and second? Maybe not at a, because the NSA et Ass and FBI owns Google. And so much more….

Damn keyboard–it has been hijacked! My “O” and my “L” are sticky–if only your agents hadn’t stuck cornchips in there!

Or peeled out a key before the babe knew that keys are what get her to where she needs to go….

Afterword:Really–who trains a two year old to sabotage a ‘great writers’ work anyways??!!>>!!??

And: Fuck you G.Keillor-my version of a Pigseye isn’t YOUR watered down, cowering Lutheran carnivore version-so why pick on me? Or Pigseye for that mater??

F. Scott was followed, harassed, and surveilled like me–and nothing you have ever written could match the discussion he engendered in your eugenicizing state.

At 72, have you glimpsed the paucity of your own narrative?


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