Why it is important for EVERY AMERICAN to make themselves aware of “conspiracy theory,” and, especially, academics.

WARNING: as yet un-named sabteurs and mind controllers have sabtaged my keyboard–the letters “L” and “O” are at less than top performance.

What writer can pssibly perate in such conditins?

WEl, I am exagerating, of course–the L key is missing cmptey on my box, and the O key ikely has the crner f a cornchip stuck under it because my iner saboteur is only two years old, and unpredictably mashes at the keybard with her hand full of chips–geniuses are said to perate in simiar fashion.

S frgive me if the fllowing lacks an L or an O n ccasion.


Of course, every ‘ought’, every ‘should,’ and certainly every ‘must’, MUST be predicated with a warning.

And the warning is this: academics are a relatively useless class if one is an activist for truth, or change, as all of them are merely shills fr the existing order, or shills fr their pet theories–nne f them are activists for any chang other than the upward mobility of their tenure, and the paycheck.

Not that the are useless per se–they are Uber useful–they act as gate keepers for the existing social order–‘the ruling class.’

And, some of them are interesting to know, or study under because they are full of facts about how the world ‘used to work,’ back in the 1960’s or something.

Yeah-I cnsidered myself ‘warned’ in or abut 2001, when a certain ‘professor’ put me n a list.I knew that then, and I know that nw. Which is actually alright with me. I suspect that I culd possibly–that there is an outside chance–that MAYBE JUST MAYBe(and here is a risk I am about to take) JUST MAYBE, he is working for my target employer–that the last lost decades have been one long assed interview.

Because if that’s the case? Bring it on–I need a job.

And f t’s nt? I have n fear f you–I have absrbed your threats–I tk and absrbed them–and I have absorbed your methds of intrusion and personal violations spanning decades–and I have NO FEAR of you, or the power that you threaten me with.

NONE-(note-if I hit the “O” key hard enough it works just fine). NONE!

And occasionally, after the interview (these many interviews that have spanned DECADES-you people lead me to water to drink-yes, I know this technique, and yes, you have deployed it upon me in many odd instances–like the ‘free computer’ in 2005-hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

What a gas-I knew it then as I know it today-“NOTHING is FREE.”

But I became educated by that–and thank you for it.

So-EMPLOY, or DEPLOY-I don’t give a rats ass either way–my novel is still MY novel.

Yesterday was OUR aquaintance-tomorrow? Perhaps, our life-long friendship–BFFL?


Of course, every ‘ought’, every ‘should,’ and certainly every ‘must’, MUST be predicated with a warning.

Which, of course, isn’t today–because if it were today? Then As predicted THEN, the world hasn’t changed it’s social order, really–the New World Order (what the hippies called revolution) is just the old world order, with new power brokers, in ‘browner faces.’

AND, I know that game pretty good….er….I mean, well.


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