Webterrogation, day 11 years, 7 months, and some odd days–very ODD days.

NOTE: The first paragraph of the writing below the double line contains numerous ‘errors’. This was due to the fact that as I wrote, my writing had to pass through a government wiretap/switch, which is laden with various malware, and backmail oriented web redirections, which altered, slowed down, or otherwise manipulated my intentions as a writer, writing “live” into a “web platform/format”.

In fact, as I wrote, I could not ‘see’ a single word on the screen. This sort of attack is quite common to activists, journalists, whistle-blowers and so forth, throughout the western world.

So, do your best to interpret the words (fill in the blanks in the first paragraph, or write to me if you realy need to know. Otherwise, understand that my writing is usually read, and redirected by, a group–a paid class of operatives who subvert my writing nearly every time I attempt to access the web.

But also know, in full disclosure, that I was actively involved in demonstrating, and ‘receiving’ an attack by as yet to be named government agents and agencies, TO agents and agencies who are complicit in such attacks, that is quite common on the web several days.


[this first paragraph below is the one ythat took several minutes to publish–which is a common attack by government agencies]

Where I live, there is nbo law. At lleast no laws that the ordinary citizen would recognize. But in a world tat has allowed, accepted, condoned the torture of presons–against every convention or international treay written ever that stands against torture–I live in a world of perspicacious and min-numbingly two-tiered narrational vnce, directed at me, personallu.

[ NOTE: I am writing this article because I am using a ‘borrowed conection’ from anotherperson who is a witness to the kinds of shenanigans that I endure regularly via ‘law enfarcement agents’ and the associated, as yet undisclosed methodologies of these enfarcers.

Everything above the word “note,” above,  was written into WordPress, and i.e. published/attempted to publish–but because of certain as yet to be named government programs, which slows the internet down to nearly unusable speeds that easily and quite handily negate the expression of ‘free speech’ –even though the connection is paid for, and the ‘instrumentality of speech’ is also paid for–I cannot write–for DECADES–without such interferences, as documented elsewhere (I am currently writing from a 3 and 4 G connection which has gigabytes left on its plan).

Equally, I make note, that what is written in pp. 1 was written ‘blind’ meaning that I could not see or otherwise correct and edit the mistakes therein. The screenshots of this are below, and, I will re-write, and edit that paragraph–but at this time merely seek to arouse you into action, and awareness of such methodologies, deployed upon me (and, I am already 11 minute past writing what I set out to write in the first place.)

note-I have to endure the glare of the five eyes just to get to google--in AMERICA--but in Bloomington Mamasota accdng to others note-writing as hidden networks spring up around me every time

when I look up Yonas Fikre note-here is what the pre-editing of my writing looks like-I write, but cannot even see my own words note-here is what the pre-editing of my writing looks like-I write, but cannot even see my own words 1013pm note-here is what the pre-editing of my writing looks like-I write, but cannot even see my own words 1014 pm -finally publishes-get it question mark note-I have to endure the glare of the five eyes just to get to google--in AMERICAnote-I have to endure the glare of the five eyes just to get to google--in AMERICA--but stil in TX accdng to somenote-I have to endure the glare of the five eyes just to get to google--in AMERICA--butin St Louis accdng to some note-normaly there are pages and pages of IP info--not when you are being monitored

Wow. Do you feel raped? I sure do– I mea, one source says I am in Texas–another says I am in Missouri (the ‘show me how you beat people, kill people, and run tanks into the faces of people state) and another says I am in dear old Texas, where GW himself set a pack of wolves upon me!

Still, another says my location is “Ireland” dear ole Ireland, while another has me locked up in Bloomington Mamasota, in the headquarters of ICE, DHS and the FBI substation! I must be a baaaaaad person–why else would so many sources confirm confirmation bias against me?

Yeah– I bet it’s because about four days ago, I was re-routed, redirected, and abusively bombarded with the best that these types of agencies have to offer. Which, by my own calculations, equate to nil-nil in the sense that they are so busted that their eyes–all five of them, will be TORN OUT and eaten when I get my chance to do so, in the PROPER FORUM.

In the meantime, I have been contemplating certain nefarious persons and agencies that routinely follow me around, who threaten to ‘make me homeless’ and who also have implied that they can and will kidnap my child–and I think of Maddy Mc Cann (where are the fauxminists on THAT topic??).

Yes, I live in daily fear that these agencies can and would kill or steal my child. Yes, I know how they do that, and ‘why’.

But I will personally take bullets in my face, and whatever other sorts of blackmail you offer to ensure that it doesn’t happen–and they have threatened me with that for years.–And, yes, this is directed at you, my ONE dear reader–I once suspected there might be ONE law enfarcer who actually  works FOR the law, and every single word I write is a hope that my gambit is possible–that even one of you will actually read between the lines here, and act accordingly, against the designs of your peers and your political alliances to see that what is happening to me is indeed part of a larger, more heinous plan.

What more can I give you than my last weeks internet horror? My last weeks ‘investigation’ of YOUR PEERS and their complicit agencies? And what they are ‘up to, is truly not good at all. As WE both know, I AM NOT BIN LADEN, or anything even close to it.

Why you target me thus; why you harass and redirect me–I haven’t a clue, other than that I know that you are employed/deployed in double agency: the truth and justice/ what appearances can be created.

Or: I try to teach you, you try to set me up.

Very Not Cool, actually. Legal? Possibly, but not likely–ask the IP’s!

I am asking for just ONE of you to admit it, and act courageously as I will and do, in the face of such fire.(I bet NONE of you can match me in this form of courage. But, two wrongs do not make a right–no matter what the feminards amongst you say.)

I wonder: did British agencies kidnap Maddy McCann for profit? Did they use her as some kind of leverage against her parents? Because, in Britain, it is widely known today that the ‘agencies’ and the secret services DO maim, rape, kidnap and kill children–just read ANY British newspaper.

It seems that the very power of Britain, and her allies are fueled and inflamed (od paradox, that) by child kidnappings and murders.

Wel, anyways–when any IP in the range of 50.xx.xx.xxx shows up in my tracert, I know how difficult it is to tel this story–the bullying I have endured since this comment was egregious, and I was put on notice that the years of dificulty and blackmail before it were not necessarily ‘in my head,’ as I finally had a witness to your provocations and implied threats.

ANd I stil invite you to meet me, in a legal forum, anytime, and any jurisdiction.

But I think a jury of my peers will recognize the sad state of affairs that has evolved when we let your programming run OUR lives.

Sure, there’s always about 72% that have a relative in the military–but amongst them? I am CERTAIN that about 22% KNOW how the military has used and abused their kin.

I am banking on that 22%–allied with the ONE juror that recognizes the difference between ‘choice’ and ‘set-up.”

But you won’t silence me either way–I have your methodology now, under my skin.

And i think that the last five days of weeding through your IP’s, servers. programs, and persons in charge of such programs will make for an interesting, if not revealing subpoena.


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