Webterrogation, part 2. Where DID all of my personal photos go anyways?

I really can’t take YOU seriously–and because of that, I will NEVER give you my secrets.

You simply haven’t earned them.

Now, about webterrogation: I invented this word “webterrogation.” Here is the time stamp (see WordPress.com logs). Surely, whoever jumps forward to claim copyright will at least agree that this word happened here, today.

Or not–I really don’t care–because it actually happened here, the other day, when I was under an as yet to be named attack by an as yet to be identified web assailant.

NOw-it is important to note that women’s violence takes place in ways that the web and the rest of the world has yet to take notice: women’s violence is organized, secretive, aided by males, and also, highly directed and focused ON and AT speech itself–women’s violence is verbal; women’s violence is highly manipulative, and women’s violence against men, children, and societies, is highly and largely, focused on attaining the aid and assistance of “the police state” such as we know it.

Put another way, most if not all of the current crop of violence prone women, and ‘feminists’ employ, deploy, and most often utilize men, and so-called patriarchal systems of violence (police and state functions) to do  violence for them–in place of their own abilities to employ physical strength and domestic violence–that, a function of state power levied upon, and at, and ‘to’ individuals within the national boundaries of any nation.

This serves a two-fold purpose:

1) by employing/deploying males to do violence in their behalf (to arouse fear mongering narratives) predicated upon, or based upon their fears, insecurities, or other physical, emotional shortages and intellectual lacks, they remain unnaccountable for the effects of that violence, always able yto blame ‘patriarchy’ or ‘male leadership’ for their gross overages, and failures (like the Iraq situation today) and

2) women–and feminists–raise males to be violence prone, while coddling or ‘pimping’ daughters to such narratives; and these mothers are willing, in the least, to act, or to cause others to act,  in violent ways of response to the above mentioned ‘fears, etc.” of their mothers, and the ‘universal woman’–the ‘monolith’ of the totality of female led religions and cults.

Well, either way–I live in a society that is a cult in and to itself–I live in Mamasota, USA.

that alone should be cause fopr conscience, butr it’s not. My o;d dear friends  are indeed my assailants in this place, often leveraged, and often sol as chattel here, to interests that sek only my silence.

And, we both know, I cannot provide that, though YOU have sought in other ways to cause me to, or to provoke me to, or chain me to YOUR naratives.

I just can’t do that–I am the one who cuts his foot off, and runs on a bloody stump, seeking anywhere, and anyone, and even death-so long as it doesn’t include YOU.

So–what about that fifteen year dissection–that ongoing, Neverending dissection of my narrative that you have been responsibly for?

Well, for now, let me just point out a few things-a few things that, given to the minds of the ‘rational’ and ‘free’ and ‘normative’ citizens, might raise at least, a hackle:

YOU have come and gone through my narrative for decades–AND YOU have taken with you every time, the pictures-the PHOTOGRAPHS of the people I have LOVED.

Yup. You did–since 2001 and forwards, the mementos of my failed loves; the photos of my successful loves ( they will be there, in the courtroom, when YOU-my chronic voyeur, arrive with your dossier’s–they will shit on your narrative, my deserving scatfan–; my shoe-size 6-8, later aged female, chronic follower–my nearly breastless 58 something FBI’er–yes–she will show up and refute your mid-80’s narrative of the lack of female power; and it will be for you to shoot her down in the narative; for you to convince her in your last gasp that she wasn’t loved by me.)

Yeah: I can’y imagine what the “average people” wil think, when they realize that YOU have been creeping –CREEPING, and CREEPING in and around my life for several decades-and that when you broke in all those years ago( 2009 was when you made it ‘official’; but 2001, I was aware, 2005 I was enraged; 2006-8 I was saddened by your lack of premise–by then, I was willing, and able to obliterate YOU and your illegal methodologies–but then, for YOU to take my most cherished ‘objects’?–pictures of those who I have oved, and those who I have brought to fruition??? THose whose careers and opportunities ONLY increased after my ‘knowing them’ in YOUR biblical sense?

Yeah-you guessed it: I didi document the losses.

And it will be for you, grey haired lady, to proive me wrong.

And, while YOU are at it? Bring that shoe size 13+ moron with you–because if I possibly can? I will punch that fat old cocksucker right in his face–and ask him to give me the pen back , that he STOLE, in that weird copology discussion at the Cowboy Bar.

But If I even get half the chance? I will punch YOU in his place–equality and all–because we both know he outweighs me by, like 100+lbs#

But you? We are MORE NEAR each other-me, somewhere between 150-180; you around 110-130#–so you won’t mind if I kick you in the face a few times, would you?

Or, lleave my footprints outside your windows? Seems more fair if I do it to YOU, than the way you and your Gollem did it to me all those years–and BTW_ WHEN DO I GET MY HAPPINESS BACK?

Yeah–those photos–completely leaqgl photos–at what point does ” infringe upon happiness” come into play-and EVERY ACTION AFTER such is nullified by your political agendas?

We’ll see;-)

Justice, by the pound.



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