What is “webterrogation,”? What is “netterrogation?”

Recently, I have invented two words: webterrogation, and netterrogation.

Neither of these words have a ‘web presence’, nor a “copyright.”

However, both of these words are MINE, at least, today. And I promise–these two words will come to dominate internet discussions that document, relate to, chronicle, or otherwise attempt to describe the FACT that governments, and government agents, subcontractors, and other state sponsored entities are using the ‘net’; to interrogate people; to interrogate ‘suspects’ and to interrogate personal narratives and personal ‘data’ that individuals would otherwise expect to be “private.”

Put another way, webterrogation, and netterrogation are means and methods by which, through which, within which and by means of; aside from, and within, government agencies and agents ‘interrogate’ web speakers; means by with government agencies, federal agents, international bodies, and any and all legal and interrogeuratory agencis and bodies query a narrative, or a dialogue; question an individual or a story via the means and methods-instrumentalities and methodologies of a personal or institutional narrative or story-and individual writing, manuscript, or other revealing item of narration.Or, so, something like that–here’s my pay-off:

You can have this definition (it’s worth hundreds of thousands), if YOU cease and desist from otherwise setting me up; blackmailing me according to the results of your setups’ stop, desist, and refrain from intruding upon my writing, etc., ad simulacrum.  of innovation? I am Ready to sponsor it, if you would stop YOUR constant leveraging.

Or, knock it off, PLEASE.

Meantime–can we work together to mine the emergent IP related and timestamped marketing and blackmailing behaviors that your crones and cuntards are responsible for?

Reallly–take this as a first offering.

How do I know? I have searched the web- Patent office, and I am as I write, timestampoing


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