Dear Frank: Have you noticed the kinds of identity theft that your colleagues are up to these days?

Probably not, because you are so busy buying suits that make you look like Bernie Madoff.

That’s not a joke–because we all know that he made off with more than you did;-)

Catching Up with Frank Abagnale Technology Breeds Crime

A SECURE FUTURE: “Big data analytics helps uncover patterns that would be hard for any human to determine.” Photo: Abagnale

And Bernie never sold out, either, to those who routinely steal more than mere identities. I mean,

your kind steal families, actual love invested families; whole nations, and according to the body counts of the last several decades ‘at war’ your kind also steal entire generations of human life, so that you can drive to work today.

You sure were an ideal FBI recruit: no conscience, and proud of it. And hey–here’s a nod to those eighties hipster glasses–whatever works right?

Go with it–for another decade or so, maybe they will catch on again.

But identity theft is just the tip of the iceberg of what you peeps are up to–in fact, my identity documents that have been pilfered, stolen etc over these last few decades?

Every single one of them was filched by, or under the watchful eyes of your ‘superiors’ and ‘colleagues.

And my oh my, do they like to circulate these.

Hmmm….maybe I should have kept up with my printing skills….

Naaaah. I like writing better–it gets the word out, and the word lasts much longer than any bank draft. I ain’t in this for the money.

And printing is printing-but writing? An art.

Your people don’t have a department of ethical behavior either, but the next generation might, if this trend below becomes popular:

Bill Bratton declares war on

dirty cops, says he will rid

NYPD of those who are

‘poisoning the well’

Backing up his words with a disturbing video montage of police officers mistreating members of the public, Bratton said they have to face facts.

Poisoning the well? These crooked motherfuckers (and daddies dick suckers–you know who you are, all you lil’ Jodie Fosters) poison the SEED, then grow a poisoned TREE, which drops poison fruit, without a conscience–and every fruit, of every generation after it.

Not that you AREN’T one of those who re-shaped modern law enfarcement into what it is today–a “Catch Me If You Can” scheme of illegal covert police actions deployed against  regular citizens for durations of time that would boggle the mind of any person from YOUR ERA, but then, utilizing the illegally gained material as ‘predicate’ for later persecutions?

Yeah–I think I have a work around for that too.

So keep smilin’ Frank!

You made good on your promise to your dad alright. I am certain he would have appreciated your cheerleading skills more if he were around to see how you schill for the police state’s invasive, illegal, and unethical data collection practices.

But I bet Bruce Schneier could teach your dad a thing or two that your dad fo0rgot to teach you–like, the fact that real security comes from being impenetrable on every front; and so does a good legal defense.

But you had a conscience, didn’t you? And you KNEW that YOU did wrong.

SO there you go.

But, hey, man, nice suit. And I am willing to bet that your prostate has some issues, too. Can’t put polish on that, can you?




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