When the revolution suceeds, cut it’s head off. Or, just sit around and armchair navigate the cruelty, and the excesses of the next generations abuses of power.

I mean, that’s what Ruth Bader Ginsburg is doing anyways. Because the “next generation” wants to behead her, like jihadists behead journalists.

AND, most ‘progressives’ and ‘liberals’ want her to step down so that Obama can appoint a justice who will speak for the “new progressives.”

The problem is that the new progressives might just as well be Antonin Scalia clones, but with purportedly ‘liberal’ ideals.And they want her out, so that they can further their agenda of sleeping with the internationalist capitalists who, for all practical purposes, are the people who gave us slavery, the Holocaust, and today’s Iraq, where children sleep next to depleted uranium, and whole generations of children are made infertile by proxy to it.

Put another way, the Supreme Courts most cherished leftist is under attack by today’s so-called “progressives”‘ those, merely Fabian incrementalists with a need for speed–and a need to speed Ginsburg off of the court.

As the New Republic put it:

liberals have a new fear: that Ginsburg has stuck around too long, and should have stepped down while President Barack Obama had the best chance of replacing her with a successor who shares her ideals.

Yeah–I know: you are thinking “WTF?!” or something like that, so first (my dear readers, all two of you from the law enfarcement community*, and those who you have activated to stalk me), some background.

I once had a secret crush–a forbidden and secretive love for a woman I have never met. In fact, my crush on her was soooo perverse, and soooo beyond the pale of ‘normal’ that it behooves me even today, to admit to the thoughts and feelings I had for her.

But I once fell in love with Ruth Ginsburg, because in her voice, and in her opinions, I sensed a true and real ideal of equality, which is  something that progressives in my era have no concept of.

Especially, those who ca themselves feminists, are indeed, mostly, and merely opportunists seeking revenge upon others for what they lack; seeking superior status at the expense of equality, having never endured unequal themselves, and far too willing to dish out class based and gender based ‘punishment’ to those who do not embody their version of ‘better than you, because we have the power over you.”

Or, as Ginsburg said:

One thing that concerns me is that today’s young women don’t seem to care that we have a fundamental instrument of government that makes no express statement about the equal citizenship stature of men and women. They know there are no closed doors anymore, and they may take for granted the rights that they have.


THis of course, reminds me of a certain cult that is led by a certain academic in the state I live in, Mamasota. I was villified, and metaphorically ‘jailed’ because I challenged this idea that equallity means EQUAL, in word and deed.

This particular academic preaches hatred from a bully pulpit, and makes no bones about his dislike of the ‘mentally ill.’ In fact, he preaches that the mentally ill should be followed, harassed, stalked, and slandered.

I will not go any deeper into that story because I do not want to lend any credibility to this person, who is a likely pathological narcisist, nor do I wish to enable  his cult following. But I make note of this, because of the events and the persons within those events, who I can name, and trace back to certain groups and certain agencies who are in part, my constant stalkers, which is matter for a later civil suit of conspiracy.

What maters here and now is this: some of them have worked directly for Ms. Ginsburg, and, as matters later will demonstrate, these local agents–these progressives–are exactly the types who “take for granted the rights” that they have, whereas I am a lynch pin; I am a fulcrum upon which theirt slander campaigns and collusion with law enfarcement balances itself upon.

This, above, will be demonstrated at a later time, however, back to the narrative of the ‘me’ that very well might be the real ‘me’:


In short, I objectified her, in a very naive way; I pilfered items of hers that she left in newspapers, and stored them in my treasure chests-my cardboard boxes; I stalked her writings and her life as best I could (because class issues of gender, wealth, and social placement made it impossible for me to actually stalk her); and I sometimes wondered this forbidden thought: ‘despite the fact that I in no way find her physically attractive–could I love her–?

Could I find it in myself to cherish her, and only her for her mind–for her querulous, and obstinate assertiveness–an assertiveness that she maintained at great peril, and at great  risk-and at great disparity; her concurrent nature and her ability to demarcate the difference between private and public forums–and that disparity, engendered as she was, female, and who asserted herself against her peers (males) who had little to no idea what she stood for, or why–that such disparity was indeed the root of repression, and thus, oppression?

And of course, In my stalkings, I found her to be married–and I was at once delighted–at once enthralled, and at once very happy that she had found love in Martin–for those who wish to know.

But I think she hit her head on more walls than I have–and that disparity certainly was her nemesis; and likely, that such disparity was indeed her call to arms.

And, also, it is likely that disparity–unjust and unrequited justice for her at least, was a talking point….lost on one of my recent encounters with a nemesis who has chosen me as a victim of her own odd and entitled, and subsidized, purchased position as a gate keeper, and an arbiter in the  narration of ‘truth.’

THis person, will be named at another time–later in this story.

Well, enough of all of that–who cares about my stalking tendencies, or my voyeuristic impulses directed at the words and images of a woman who I have never actually met, nor clerked for….

Becaue right now, Forbes v. Arkansas Educational Television Commission, 93  F3d  497,  24 Med.L.Rptr.  2295  (8th Cir.1996)  is on my mind. And as a dissenter myself who vigorosly opposes censorship in educational materials–and who vehemently objects to the way that state agencies have adopted the fauxminist stances of censorship of not only public dialogues; but I also object to how some of same have put state and federal agencies up my tailpipe for the last 8 years or so.

And, I dissent that what constitutes a ‘public forum’ in the definitions of 1996 are accurate today.

Which is perhaps, why I also vigorously object to anyone who can justify what has been done to me over the last 8 years by certain academics who, working with law enfarcers and other agents/agencies,  deployed  the techniques and methods of ‘silencing’ me in public and private forums.

Lastly, the nature and the venue’s wherein I was slandered by aforementioned academic/s, I note here and now that the legal actions forthcoming will indeed be portrayed as ‘political’–and that includes your participation Ms. ‘Clerked for Ginsburg’.

I will subpoena various records and various logs to ascertain your participation, and then, work towards your own generations, in a Fabian manner, in civil court.

See you then!

And of course, nonoe of this diminishes my respect for you, Ms. Ginsburg–I still admire your fire, and I beseech you to stay on that court, so that I can meet you one day, and explain this case that they have been trying to make since 1998.

I beg you, please, with al of my heart and soul–to stay there, and to die there if you must–because you are SOOOOO right in your assessment of these modern fauxminists.

And I will need your opinion one day, because my case began the very year that you were appointed to the court; my troubles with the corruption of poloice-state feminism, and the police power itself began that very year.

I would cut my dick of if it meant that I could plead this thing before you, because I am an unlikely ally in your own cause; I am the bogeyman, who despite my own wishes, still carries the burden of the ugliness that was perpetrated on me in that very year–I am the bogeyman who has a parcel, ready to deliver, for the sake of all of us who backed the ERA, and then some.

And, I am very tired, and my back is broken by the carrying of such a burden–I wish to drop it at your door, but I know that such a burden-the coruption of truth and the manipulation of truth by progressives, is too heavy for only two to bear.

BUt two are stronger than one–if only I could show you what they are doing, with thre complicity of the police power-Oh!

Then we could see how the ‘new progressives’ are really just kids who inherited all of the dirty tricks and the unconstitutional toys of their predecessors–the hard right, and it’s manipulations and bending of the laws….

Then, my feet wouldn’t be so tired, my back, a bit less broken–but I do have a tale to tell you, about how an insane attempt by Dworkinites to censor Mamasotans view of things failed, but was reborn again with the aid of a police state that uses the internet to corrupt the meaning of private v public, and education v politics.

Oh…I am tired of this burden–where IS Jake Baker when you need his poison pen?.


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