A prediction: Soon, I will be ‘no more’ but my prediction will come to pass.

(with extra fart cookies to whoever got ANtenna TV to run a Billy Jack Movie tonight as I write this)

And, I will only discus this prediction with qualified journalists of my choosing, because the PR war waged upon and then in the press, by the Fed, the county, the state and the local city police has started already.

And it involves these four news stories which ran between 9/21/2014, and today:————————

But first, note how these four stories DIRECTLY affect the case at hand (Hi Rich and MIkey!).

Does it make you wonder about the timing–does it make you wonder why some ‘official source’ or another is attempting to influence a potential jury pool, much less local news coverage?

And, my prediction–this is one of the DSM5 criterion of a paranoid schizophrenic, and this is the explanation of how they try to make you crazy, before your face ever hits the news page.


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