Finally justice for Jhessye Shockley. But when I wrote about her–and the sorts of abuse that women perpetrate, I became a hunted man.

(uncut draft post, in progress…Hannibal the Cannibal, reporting.

Sthnipthniphhhthniphhhh, thnipthhhhh.)

I practice an unusual form of activism–like Gonzo journalism, without the drug habits–I hold myself out to sharks, in certain shark tanks, and wait to get eaten.

Yeah–I know how odd that sounds–but imagine something more odd: what might make a person do such a thing? Well, the answer isn’t singular, but rather complex. And the reasoning behind such methods are lost even on me. I can’t help myself, perhaps-or is it something deeper?

Like–mercenary journalism? Or, bi-polar reasoning, intruded upon by law enfarcement and it’s HYDRA’s of social manipulation?

But here is a case in point: I wrote about Jhessye Shockley when all of the feminist bloggers, and law enfarcement agents who read them ever heard about her.

And, I was insistent, and I  wrote that cases like hers do not get solved by police because police work off of certain “profiles,” and that sadly, those profiles are often more politically created, rather than factually correct, or statistically likely–their profiles of “the bogeymen” for example*.

Every time a little girl disappears in America, the feminists wave the flag of the pedophile, and a hunt for sex offenders trumps logic: the fear of the mysterious male that kidnaps little girls, and rapes them, and discards them ALAWAYS precludes the ACTUAL possible and most likely scenario of the MOTHER who hurts or kills her own kids; the female caregiver that  abuses kids and gets away with it, generation after generation.

These ARE the most likely scenarios, ALWAYS. Men, and the ‘bogeyman’ are a distant third place after that.

But the reality of most, if not ALL disappeared children*, is that  a woman knows who how where and what, of these events.

And, most often, mothers in America get away with murder, rape, and other inappropriate behavior as pertains to their children–here is Jhessye Shockley, deceased:

Jhessye Shockley, Momma’s little toy, momma’s little paycheck.

And the truth of most sexually abused children is this: women, who have access to, and control over  children, women who are caregivers of children, are, more often than not, the least likely to be suspected in these cases–yet the reality is that women abuse more children than men do, by measurably HUGE accounts compared to men who do such things–and that is according to the DOJ’s own statistics (look it up yourself–I was exhausted talking about it five years ago.)

And when I wrote about the disappearance of Jhessye Shockley some three years ago, I had cops chasing me all over the internet; cops and others in their employ, like crackheads in L.A>, white female ‘tourists’ in San Francisco, and even a few detectives who I recognized after all the years that passed between the time they conspired to frame me, to the time I caught them in my cop-trap for the first time (2005).
They chased me, and this story that I am writing now, all over America–all over America-for over two decades. They tried with every power of the law (which was on my side) and failed to create me as a ‘bogeyman’.

And then, they went “off book,” and began assaults that boggle the mind, trying to torture this story out of my throat, for decades.

I actually had joint task forces following me around; and I was assaulted with actual physical violence (since one of theirs shot me in the back with a Taser in 2008, I have suffered no less than five physical assaults, some BY police, others by agents who work for them, or who could be influenced BY them; and others as yet unexplained, which I have written about elsewhere), my cars were broken into, my computers hacked, my apartments and houses broken into repeatedly ( and they ALWAYS made sure they left markings, like large, wood tearing scratches on my doors, footprints in the3 snow; bags of my childs diapers torn apart and tossed about behind my house….

Or simply gas-lighting me by moving my belongings around, or deleting my camera footage); and my belongings stolen at one point, and returned at another–there is an endless list of things that have happened to me that have not happened to me for quite some time now, like as if I shut off a faucet handle with the installation of 24/7 surveillance cameras.

And in that same period, they stalked me, wiretapped me, internet redirected me, and worst of all-began a whisper campaign against me–I will present this evidence in the proper forum soon-and they distanced me from people that I cared about; and some of whom cared about me.

And I became a ‘loner,” in order to protect those who I knew, because I realized that they were using me in a grand fishing expedition, and trying to corrupt my narrative; my narrative of how their use of police power was itself corrupt, unlicensed, and misdirected. They tried to use me to sniff through the baggage of others, and when that didn’t work out, they targeted me with terror.

How can one prove that? I suspect the clues are in the exact “lack of proof” that the evidence will suggest. In other words, the needle, ‘found’ in the haystack, is itself begging of the answer ” the pile was soooooo big. Me? Miniscule.-So….why the big exclamation points?

AAAAHHHH. The exclamation points–their narrative, whether I WANT IT OR NOT.

Billy Jack at the gas station, with Gangrene’s tribe, in “the Born Losers.”:

Ape takes Billy Jacks hat off, gingerly:

” Hey Cueball?”

“Yeah man?”

“Fill’er up please.”

“You want regular or ethyl?”

As they fill my hat with gas….

I didn’t want any of it.

Yeah, that’s basically my talking point, you will see, no matter how you try to create a chain, your links are all broken now;-)But my links document, and predict that. And, none of my actual friends were hurt (hopefully) by their association with me.

My best guess then is that they had a score to settle, and sought for these decades to pin something-anything-on me, because I simply make them look bad, and based on how I have outed them for several decades as morons who work off of profiles that they themselves create–profiles of bogeymen–rather than working off of profiles of actual suspects, like women who abuse children) I have outlasted their attempted murders, assaults, and even managed to outlive suicidal ideation in regards to these assaults–and I have a story to tell you.

So… “Are you planning on fighting, or talking?

My question to you Webterrogator.

And it was when I began to write, and when I began to seek aies in this cause, and in my writing, that I encountered treble damages, and treble assaults of all kinds. I now know that the story I am writing about Mamasota is one that they do not want to be heard.
And most men do not live to tell it, nor live without the derailing assaults upon their character that is the default mechanism o f state agents who act as de facto publicity agents for the state–even tonight, I heard a story about a local police chief ‘spinning’ the abuse that police are responsible for; and just the other day, I read a story about how their are now “more eyes on cops” because body worn cameras are coming to this city; and, tonight, I heard about how the local jail is ‘revamping’ the way it deals with ‘mentally ill patients’ in their custody.

Where were all of these changes when they did what they did to me these last decades?

I didn’t want ANY OF IT.

If you haven’t guessed by now-yeah–I AM THE local agent of change in my vicinity. My writing has forced them to examine themselves-because as I have mentioned repeatedly, the ONLY people who follow me(….) or read me, ARE COPS, and their affiliated brethren and their “sisterns.”

Well, anyways, Jhessey Shockley. I once said (many times) that women who are caregivers, and mothers are more often than not responsible for the deaths and other abuses of kids. AND it is NO SURPRISE that sdome years after I wrote about this, her natural mother is now implicated in her death.

I wrote about Jhessey Shockley several years ago, and I noted this: most often, when a little white girl disappears, the whole world–and certainly all of law enfarcement–‘pricks up.

Law enfarcers cannot resist the imagery of raped white women, no mater how hard they try. And it is even harder for them to NOT get involved with little exploited white girls.
Or, the fantasy, and fiction of little exploited white girls, anyways, because anyone with a half-brain, and anyone with any sort of ‘mind’ KNOWS that little girls of pre-adolescence are the primary targets of rape, incest, and other forms of sexual violence.

And that doesn’t concern Americans AT ALL, because cop culture is too busy trying to glean revenue from prostitution right now–cop culture acts as the ‘heroic’ intervener when it comes to teenagers who employ sex for money, or who could do so.
Which, oddly, is what pimps do as well.

And white teenage females are the favorite ‘girl’ for them to ‘save,’ with African American teenagers running a close second. But forget it when it comes to any sort of critique or controversial alternative explanation of the “who” and the “how” of what is killing and disappearing young girls.

Young girls like Jhessye Shockley, who is engendered female, and African American–and who, for me at least, vindicates my thesis; and me? I have nothing nearly as precious to return to her other than to say ” Jhessye–I hope my insistence upon a changing of the guard as pertains to ‘suspects’ helped find you.’
And Jhessye–I might add, no black woman ever harmed me, so I am sad that you had this happen to you. Most of THEM are NOT like your mom–or, according to Mamasota’s latest scandal in regards to Adrian Peterson-maybe it’s high time to examine why the whip is still used in some places on any kid?

Much less on you….or me.

Jhessye Links:

Jhessye’s mom likely the only suspect:

Jhessye’s extended family sues CPS:


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