All material contained in this blog are the copyright of the owner of this blog, 2014. The owner of this blog, hereinafter called the author, does not consent in any way to the publishing, re-publishing, or other use of this blog, or the words herein, otherwise known as the “product of the work”to be used any further than Fair Use allows for.

For practical purposes, and for the protection of privacy, and for the last shred of anything resembling the right of anonymity in America (otherwise known as a privacy right, or a liberty interest in Privacy) the author at this time remains anonymous.

However, because this blog and its contents are monitored by state and federal agencies native to the United States of America, it is KNOWN who the author is: what the authors name is, where the author lives, and what IP address/ addresses the author writes from are contained in files at the NSA, the FBI, and other agencies.

WordPress is and will be on notice that authorship of this blog, and the material contained within are subject to copyright law, and WordPress is and will be made aware each and every time authorship is contested, or otherwise maligned.

Equally, author agrees to abide bythe terms and conditions of WordPress hosting this blog.

Further, WordPress.com is on notice that its policy stated that a blog is “FREE” shall not be interpreted in any other way than exactly the letter of the law: WordPress has offered, and I have accepted a free blog, from a company that has offered to host my writing, subject to their terms and conditions. AND, I have accepeted, and utilized that offer.

Should content be found objectionable, or otherwise appear to infringe, impinge, or violate their policies, the author respectfully requests that notice be sent to the provided address/email account, where we can work together to find a solution.

In no way does the author consent to the use of original material written in this blog to be used for anything other than publication by and with the authors consent, or the limited uses this material does and will have for use in future and present legal proceedings.

And, in the spirit of respect for the law, and respect for the United States Constitutions guarantees of free speech, the author requests that WordPress.com also inform him if either is breached by outside* agents or entities.

* Outside: meaning that any and every person, institution, or government agent, or agency that accesses this blog has presented a warrant, properly signed by a judge in an actual jurisdiction of the United States of America, or any of it’s partners under international law, treaty, or covenant.


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